Creature Play Mode


This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. What if their was a gamemode where you can play as the wildlife native to Sheer? Think about it; you could play in a single player or multiplayer mode where you take control of the creatures. You would wander around and look at the maps in Evolve and study the behaviors of certain creatures. There could also be a unlockable system to the mode where you have to kill x amount of a creature to unlock it in this mode. Kill 15 marsh striders and then you can play as it or kill 5 mega mouths to unlock them. Also in a multiplayer mode you could play with friends to compete in a little minigame where you all try to survive in what is a natural Sheer without the monsters there. It would be a nice look at the buety that is Sheer. Please criticize, elaborate, and/or encourage this idea. It wouldn’t be a serious game mode but more of a immersive expirience into Sheer.


SimShearColony, work your way up from being an ant or a tick. Custom colonies for you and your friends, control the progress of your outlying Shear planet ecosystem from your Apple or Android devices as well as from your home pc. Grow your fauna, grow your wildlife, and set your custom stage for the next Hunt!


I think that being able to join in a random multiplayer game and becoming a megamouth, and then eating a hunter… would be awesome.


Already working on this spinn-off. Is it ok Turtle Rock If I use all the creatures and copy the maps exactly? :smile:


I don’t think it’s in turtle rock’s best interest to invest in such a thing, unfortunately. Normally I’d be all for such an idea, but unlike the hunt game mode, it doesn’t seem to have a lot of replay value…

Maybe you should add meat ( hur hur ) around that idea, perhaps I’d change my mind-- but for now, I think it’s not worth it.


I don’t think this would be good for the balance of the game. I’ll be a bird and lead the hunters exactly to the monster even if he is sneaking. See what I mean? Controlling Daisy is an entirly different matter.


Kinda a cool idea for a new hunter, like a shapeshfter.


You would be random wildlife, in a random game. The hunters wouldn’t know that you would be there, it’s… random.

(EDIT) You also wouldn’t be a bird…

You would probably be a Tyrant, Sloth or Megamouth.


I just think this sounds a little boring compared to what you normally play as in Hunt.


It’s not meant to be a thriller. Just a way to play with friends with the buety of Sheer’s creatures. Imagine someone being a Megamouth and he kills his friend who is a mommoth bird. Just fooling around. Probably not going to happen but would be a nice addition.


I don’t mean to sound disparaging but I just can’t see myself or the majority of others interested in that sort of thing. Not worth the effort for TR to put in, obviously just my opinion.


I think that some sort of primal carnage style deathmatch mode, would be insanely entertaining.


I agree, regardless of how practical or realistic any of these ideas are. It’s so much fun to kick around ideas and brainstorm. Brainstorming is what made this game and all others possible in the first place! All great concepts start somewhere! So we should keep threads like this and every other full of positive and new ideas!

The world of Shear IS beautiful regardless of what Monsters may lurk! I would love just to fly around and spectate the fight, but take a little detour to see the scenery :smiley:


Aww yiss. Pick four creatures from the fauna and pit them against four hunters!



My Pick is:

Dune Beetle/Megamouth-Assualt
Blitz Leopard/Phantom-Support
Trapjaws/Venom Hound


Armadons are actually weaker than they look, I saw it as a tip on a loading screen.


Which Video? Still, an Armadon is probably still about as tough as a crowbill sloth or Tyrant.