Creative Ways to Use Emet


Lots of people say EMET is UP but I think they aren’t being creative enough with the re spawn beacon. What if you run EMET, Markov, Cabot, Crow. At stage 3 you have EMET run to a corner of the map away from the relay not the opposite but at a discouraging distance. You have everyone run health regen. The remaining 3 camp the relay.

When the monster comes , they fight it out. As soon as one hunter goes down EMET drops the beacon. The monster must then choose to allow hunters to revive or go towards the beacon. Meanwhile, EMET switches positions to remain unfound. The trapper can even drop the dome. If the monster escapes to get the beacon, he will have lost armor and time. The hunters will be healed by then and the teammate will be revived or have less of a wait to spawn. The markov will place mines and set up. The monster will return after feeding with 3 hunters or 2 and a short clock. EMET can place another beacon if 2 or just wait if there is only one. The hunters will keep respawning using this strategy only to wear down the monster’s health and time.

Markov is included to place mines on the relay in case the monster gets 3 hunters down so time can be killed. Hyde could also be used for his consistent damage. Parnell isn’t necissarily recommended. For support Cabot is used since going down isn’t as much of an issue so damage is a priority.Bucket could also work. Trapper should be crow to consistently do health damage. Wastland Maggie might be better for an extra body and damage purposes.

I believe many monsters would have an issue countering the strategy. Chase can still be conducted normally prior to stage 3.


Sounds super irritating for a monster if it actually worked. I’d definitely try and kill the relay if I knew I couldn’t get to the beacon in time.

But if everyone is running hp regen, with emet, I’d say just stay with your team and kill the monster.


I feel like this would go very badly. Once everyone has two strikes they will go down almost instantly and the monster can just destroy the relay while the dead hunters are respawned and go back to the relay once again.


So my feeling on this is that it might catch a monster out because they’re not expecting it, however what the monster needs to do is clear your buoys (if there are any) then down the hunters. Kill one (ignore the other two) and let you beacon.

This hunter now has at least one strike, the other two can now be killed, and the relay cleared. Meanwhile medic remaining out of the fight and remaining hunter (ideally trapper) have to stop the relay being destroyed while the beacon waits to recharge. Reality here is that the trapper goes down once more, and the relay is then dead.

Timings wise all the monster has to have is 45seconds (or is it 60?) on the relay, and the respawn beacon reload means that he can orchestrate that happening!

So I like the creativity, but if it were me I’d let you respawn the trapper to give me 90ish seconds without the assault or support :slight_smile:


They really don’t need to be alive long support has cloak and assault has shield trapper has harpoons or stasis to slow. If they can’t all stay up for about 45-60 seconds they aren’t very good. Also last hunter can flee and shoot monster if he doesn’t chase.


EMET runs reload speed. You can’t leave support up or he will cloak and tick time away. Cabot can shoot through walls and hank can orbital. This kind of assumes that hunters are alright at surviving. Like if trapper goes down beacon is popped. Support goes invis and backs off assault pops his shield and stays up for 15 sec. Monster takes time to destroy mines or turrets. Tries to break relay Cabot ticks away at it.


I’d love to see a video of it in action working as a strategy, genuinely :slight_smile:


But they spawn at the beacon so they will be across the map while a confused monster takes out the relay. Even with regen a good monster will wipe a medicless team.


i think The beacon was a nice idea but it is sadly very useless in a fight against a good Monster
In hunt its Ok if the Monster Killed a Teammade and Run away to eat so u get ur Trapper ( or any hunter) fast back

it would be cool if they came back whitout a Strike


So what if i just down a hunter and move on to his teammates? You can’t drop the beacon until i kill one, and it is quite easy to keep tabs on 2 hunters while one is down (otherwise Laz would be a godlike medic). HP regen won’t keep them up forever. And support/trapper will go down first.

And tbh, If I can’t beat 3 medicless hunters in a fight im not worth my salt as monster and would lose against any medic.

Also, what keeps me from just farming strikes?


But not that far from the relay.


But you can drop the beacon before


I’ve said it a few times to friends the respawn beacon has to be deployable prior to a hunters death so the monster has something to think about.

At present its all to gimmicky kill 1 hunter preferably Emet first if not look where the beacon is destroy it game over useless device.


That’s counter productive if your not that far away monster will come for you first! Was a good idea from the op but like @CptBoomBoom said they will just spawn miles away.


You cant drop the beacon until someone dies. You get a big notification telling you no one is dead.


Weather control hunt yesterday. Fled the fight after one hunter died and ran to the cave system about a small distance away. By the time the beacon timer ran down a 2nd hunter was dead and beacon paid off. Monster was decent too. Not the best, but not the worst…wouldn’t let me get a beacon off earlier in the match so I ran off to make sure I got it.

Also I was in arena playing trapper and had an Emet. He popped the beacon in corner and he got downed soon after. Monster was a complete moron and ignored the beacon. Beacon revived himself lol.

Best thing was the monster was talking smack via voice chat after the previous match about winning in 3:45 lol. Only won cause I trapped him early and rest of the team were super new so they weren’t even near…dropped me and rest of the team had their roles confused. Assault was being flighty and support was dmg amping while everyone was dead, etc… I solo killed him from half health in sudden death in the first arena battle and died of laughter.


That’s the reason I don’t like to run off as Emet to use the beacon. If you run off by yourself you’re leaving the rest of your team without a medic for a significant amount of time and greatly increasing the chances that another teammate will at least get a strike. Is it worth getting an avoidable strike to get a teammate back 1:30 faster at best?


Depends on the teammate (mainly support), situation, and the game mode. The monster is already going to have an easier time against 3 hunters, so another strike might be inevitable.


No need for Laz 2.0


You can’t drop it until they are dead and on the dropship.