Creative Concepts (crave input)


Ever since I got interested in the game I’ve been dreaming up a few ideas as for monsters and I would love to share these,

Very fast and stealthy, has a lean body with blade like ridges that start mid fore arm and go up past the elbow. The face would be long and almost skull like, maybe looking like a cross between a lizard and a wolf with blade like horns sweeping back, though perhaps more flat and crest like. The body could also have ridges of bone that might give an appearance of almost skeletal like armouring
His abilities could be cloaking for short periods(whether this would hide footprints unsure)
also a howl that could push back enemies and cause visual disorientation temporarily (like shell shock) for the robot it would just crack his lens that he would later repair
The other abilities could be a high speed slash dash, and some form of ice ability like creating a cyclone or an icy gale
Here’s a pic that I found with a build somewhat like what I’m thinking of

Some other ideas were an Alpha monster that could somehow spawn a pack that it leads, and a insectile monster that is a living hive so it releases drones and perhaps also could create traps like snares or pitfalls

I hope someday to become a concept artist so any input you could give would be greatly appreciated. Also please feel free to post your own ideas no matter how out there they may be