Creating New Account=Actually Getting Matches


I was recently suggested to create a new account because on my PS4 account is Gold: demonhunter1245, and I don’t get any matches.

So I went on to create a new account, restarted everything, and now I get matches in Hunt 2.0 within 2-5 mins.
This is fantastic!

I have created this thread to let others know if they are having trouble with finding matches and just want to play the dang game, I highly encourage you to create a new account :wink:

Silver monsters disguising themselves as Det ranks

You are now a smurf. Yes, with a low playerbase you kind of had to, but you are still a smurf.


I honestly feel bad with the brand new players playing 2.0


Something about a Gold monster playing determining matches against other determining ranks just makes me cringe.

But I had to…


What rank are you now?


You sir have discovered what people like to call smurfing :cop:


It ranked me at Silver Expert.

Im going to make sure I stay low so I can actually play the game.


I dont like doing it either, but it is a smurf account, or don’t play at all.


I am only joking bud have fun :slight_smile:


I have another account as well, people can talk smurf all they want it doesn’t matter the player base is too low


Just give yourself a handicap when playing weaker hunters so your not wreaking new players and your rank doesn’t shoot up. There are lots I can think of off the top of my head:

  • never Evolve past stage 2
  • Always fight at stage 1 possibly more than once, or as soon as you Evolve before getting armor
  • never sneak
  • don’t put points in your most powerful ability, or only use 1 or 2 abilities for the whole match
  • fight in unfavorable locations
  • never kill an incapped player, and/or leave after getting a single down whenever possible
  • focus the assault first in a fight until your armor is gone, or they are down

A lot will depend on how much stronger you are than your opponent, just make the match challenging for yourself and it should be more fun for everyone.


Playing like that is how you end up getting worse as a monster player, if you’re gonna f around why not just play quick play?


If you’re a gold monster playing bronze or silver teams with a new account that is what you are doing anyway. You will get bad habits playing weaker hunters period. Are you suggesting that players that are smurfing should be crushing less experienced players? The only thing you get out of stomping weaker players constantly might be personal satisfaction for someone with low self esteem. Most players will get bored with constant easy matches, and it is certainly no fun to be a new/casual player getting crushed by high level players.

I am not talking about players that are maintaining rank and competing in Hunt 2.0. I was replying to Torvald_Stavig who is already smurfing so he can find matches.


As I said before. It was do this, or not be able to play hunt 2.0.

I sat for 2 hours waiting on my gold monster and didn’t get anyone.


Thank you for the suggestions. I agree this will help keep it fun!


No bro

You shouldn’t be allowed to do that sort of things to make your gaming experience any easier for yourself. If you want to play ranked you should have to sit and wait until the matchmaking decides to match you with a minimally adequate team for your rank… especially since gold is like .1% of the actual population at this point


How gives a crap, as long as it keeps people playing


The only way to solve the long wait times for certain ranks is a handicapping system. I wrote about it here:


In any other game I’d likely be a little off put by the idea, but it’s fucking Evolve and you gotta do what you gotta do to avoid waiting three hours for a match just to crash/bug and lose a million points.


This is where I’m at. Not because I’m a super high rank (I’m silver skilled :cry:) my internet is just shit. I’ve played about 17 Hunt 2.0 matches as a Hunter and I’m still determining as a Monster.

I grab a group of IRL friends, or people who I meet online that are under the illusion that I am a good Support (even though I never fking play Support) and do Customs.


100% legit. No exaggeration.


I’m glad the ranking system works like it does. In R6 I’m gold 3, the highest teir possible and I get paired or go against those in bronze and silver. It’s nice going 23 and 0 but it isn’t challenging nor fun.