Creating a team for the new community tournament (XB1/EST)

I am hoping to meet some casual players who would like to form a team for this Saturday’s tournament. I currently have 2 potential players for my team. I see on the tournament topic a lot of people are still looking for teams to join. I play hunter, and I don’t really have a class preference. I have characters I believe I play well as in each class. If interested, please message me on the forums, or Xbox One. My gamer tag is CursdFoxCodeman. My timezone is EST. Thank you.

Yoo I would be down team up! I’m also eastern time sot thats convenient. GT: H8 oN THiS GuY. Message me when you get a chance!

Hey, I have myself a team, except for a Trapper, so if you would like to join then tell me as soon as you can! I’m EST as well, and will try to get everyone on later today for a little practice.

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