Creating a new trapper is impossible

kala trapper hybrid

nuff said.

What about a dust tag gun? Would be like Slims spore launcher that sends out dust tag like Cabots but smaller.

Would have a quick reload so you could always be firing them off into bushes and such.

That would be cool

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Infra red goggles

Activation temporarily changes vision to a IR view with limited range, showing all heat sources within a 60 meter (number as ballpark place holder for hypothetical reasons) range. This includes the monster, wildlife, and foot prints.

Stealth foot prints, and a monster in stealth generate less heat and have half (or less) the visible range.

Would not work through walls. But would reveal through bushes

CC device would be a dynamic hydrostatic inhibitor beam. It would tether to the monster ala jacks beam, but energy would drain over time like kalas armor reducer. When tethered to the monster the use of traversal would be entirely inhibited. The caveat is that attempting to use a traversal would not waste a traversal- merely lock it out, so once the ammo is depleted the monster is set to traverse freely with however many traversal they had.

High “minimum capacity to use” restrictions, or high “start up ammo cost” to restrict silly spam taptaptaptap use. Goggles could work on a similar principal. Or be a straight up “press button. On for x seconds. Y cooldown”

Tada. A completely unique way to track a monster as well as entirely new form of cc.

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This thread just makes me sad for the Bucket Trapper that never was :’(


Captain Bucket had no tracking whatsoever.

Okay, I was wrong. Making a new trapper wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was. I either have limited imagination, too picky, or both. You all had really good suggestions. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it.


Release a tamed Spotter that sprints off in the same direction as was placed (so it won’t lead Hunters to the Monster) and does the typical spotter cry to point you in the direction of the Monster periodically every few seconds for the next 1/3 minute or so…

Use a dart gun to shoot a chemical into wildlife that stimulates bacterial growth giving a 50% of Carrion birds to spawn if the Monster eats them.


I like that carrion bird idea. Would love to see it expanded on. Maybe the character has some affiliation with birds- and for tracking they activate a device that attracts birds to “the general area” (for lore reasons. Area basically meaning the whole map). Maybe it’s some kind of sonic/sound based device that attracts them- ala batman with his bat sonar thingy. For the next X seconds (say 30) the next meal has 100% (or lower if need be) to spawn birds.

If the monster is close enough, they can hear the device pinging. This lets them remain hidden even if the trapper is close. If they’re too far to hear it, the trapper probably needs the birds anyways to get a beat on the monster.

Also allows for mind games. Maybe the monster just didn’t eat? Maybe because it was too close? Maybe it was in caves?

Lots of cool possibilities.