Creating a new trapper is impossible

As the title suggest, making a new unique trapper is impossible. Why? Because there are no new ideas of ways of tracking the monster. Daisy runs after it. Griffin has sensor “traps”, abe has tracking darts, crow has gobi that highlights everything it sees, and jack has satellites that detect everything the monster does. Anybody have anything that is different? All the trapper ideas I’ve read on here use something that highlights the monster, (crow already does this) or traps that can be placed around the map (Griffin already does this). Coming up with ways of restricting the monsters movement or weapons is easy, its just no one can really come up with something that is unique and different. I am eagerly waiting for someone to prove me wrong.

A psychic trapper. One who can see the Monster’s PoV via psychic link (or some bullshit). Won’t 100% reveal where they are on the map, but can easily give general area of the Monster and direction they’re headed in.

Wouldn’t need to highlight them anywhere, or ping them for the team to see. Simply use landmarks that the Trapper saw while linked to the Monster.


I can think of a few.

A sensor with large radius but only detects traversals within it.

A device that triggers the closest bird spawn on the ground to the creature.

A passive trapper ability that enhances audio queues of the monster. I.E. you can hear him sniffing, traversing, etc… as if you were much closer…



So like the scrapped sound gun thing, except always on? Might be confusing, since you wouldn’t really know how close the Monster actually was.

Like any of the in game sounds it would be something you would get used to. I would imagine it wouldn’t be good for people that aren’t good at tracking sounds. But I guess it could be turned into a ‘charged’ ability. Similar to ammo/energy. That way it could be stronger but more narrow with the directional mic.

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I was thinking something like that, for advanced players. It’s an interesting idea.

I was also thinking of a new type of CC in the game. It would be applied to monsters and it would slow the speed of the monsters abilities ( Leap smash and charge wouldn’t be as fast for Goliath, Wraith would take longer spawning a decoy ) I think it’s pretty interesting for kit possibilities.

I think you’re looking at it the wrong way.
Think of it like a MOBA, yeah there can be 5 assassin in the game. In the end they all do the same thing, kill low health targets fast, but it is how they do it that makes the difference.
Perfect example. Griffin and Electro Griffin. Both use sound spikes that are AoE detecting traps. But the difference in how they work, one is multiple smaller ones, while the other is one big powerful one.
So say we have another trapper that can highlight things. Looking at Crow he can highlight targets through walls with a spammable move. So what we could do is say, a AoE around the player detect, that highlights the monster for a long duration but has a long cooldown. Or we could use a scanning tool that requires LoS but highlights the monster for a very long time.

Idk. Similar styles of tracking (adaptations don’t count) make the game have less variation IMO. I just don’t see the point of it. And MOBAs are different…

yes they do, for my example.
Also, MOBAs are different, but they aren’t as separate as you may think.

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Electro Griffin does not count. He is just what you’d expect from an adaptation. Ann entirely different hunter with deployables around the map would be way to similar to Griffin.

People had a few threads a while back about proposed character ideas, and there were certainly some trappers in them.

I remember one I’d written (which I was leaning to be a bucket adaption) was a variant on the old Evacuation attack drones - sortof a mix between Bucket’s sentry turrets, Gobi, and Griffin’s sound spikes. Think a sentry turret that both attacked and pinged/marked the monster while it was within range, but its deployment was similar to Gobi - it would fly as you fired it, then remain in place wherever it struck terrain. You only got one of these, so you’d need to choose between leaving it at a choke point or firing it similar to Gobi to locate the Monster.

It’s fun to think of ideas…


Easy: Kala variation where she is a trapper.
Her abilities are as followed: (names are meh ;p)
Wraith Trap - A teleportation ability that teleports you (duh) x ft. away from the monster.
Inner Hunger - If there is a dead animal that the monster ate, Kalas monster part of her comes out when she’s near the dead carcus and she gains a speed boost in the direction where the monster is (or the path the monster took…)
Influenced Mutation - an ability that depends on the monster you’re fighting. I.e. Kraken: Kala can create a field that lowers gravity around her, letting her allies float and gain jet pack mid air. Goliath: [passive] Kala can leap much farther than the other hunters. (And I mean MUCH farther) Wraith: [passive] Kala Teleports like the Wraith instead of using a Jet pack boost. Bohemoth: hardcore parkour. Meteor Goliath: When Kala jumps, the same thing happens as if she were versing the regular Goliath, except she leaves a spot on the ground that’s on fire, and she jumps slightly farther because of it. Elder Kraken: Same as Kraken, except the field turns red :3. Bobcicle: The more she runs, the faster she gets because she starts creating ice under her feet that makes her slide faster with momentum, and her teammates can use it too. Gorgon: Spiderwoman.
Planet tracker: slightly less accurate because of her other abilities :3
Is this different enough for ya?


As i have read here somewhere before. Someone who has Goggles that can see a monsters sneak trail from a distance, but either moves slowly using it or not at all. You could also have what Bucket used to have and use a remote UAV to search for it. You could also have someone who has a Satellite that when active, shows him every creature on the map from an Arial view allowing him to see everything. You would still have to find the monster by searching. Could last like 4 seconds or something so its not something you can just do the whole time. You could also have something that kind of combines Maggies harpoons and Cabots Dust tag. You lay down the trap it can go on walls or ceilings as well as floors, and when a monster is with in range it hits them with a burst of the radioactive dust for about 8 seconds or so. Im sure i could think of more but those are some examples.

So pretty much a Planet scanner? Lol…

Almost everything was different, except the tracking ability :3

I used to use Bucket’s turrets as Griffin sound spikes…

I’d just leave them around the map and I would look at the little damage numbers popping up to see where the monster was heading.

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Trapper that deploys remote cameras.
Highlights monster if in view. (Would notify hunters in some way)
Monster cannot sneak to avoid, it must avoid LoS of the camera.
Unlike sound spikes cameras can be thrown like Stasis nades, making them more tactical.


Yeah, but it’s only for her ;p Also, I thought about this as more of a tracker than a trapper, but to me, same thing. I honestly wish they would’ve changed the class name to Tracker though, since everyone can now technically trap the monster in the dome :\

Just went through some old notes and found this.

• Primary:

• Secondary:

• Tertiary:

Krista (Cricket Basilisk)
• Primary: Uzi:

• Secondary: Echolocation: Bounces off of walls and highlights creatures it hits

• Tertiary:

Seneca (Special Talent)
• Primary:

• Secondary: Mental Link: Allows Seneca to see through monster eyes

• Tertiary: Memetic Shock: Inverts monster controls

Sally (Space Pirate)
• Primary: Blunderbuss:

• Secondary:

• Tertiary: Stamina Drainer: Drains monster stamina

I remember Sally and Krista being my two proudest ideas, but they never came to fruition.