Creating a Genocide Museum at School because my teacher is cray


So at school our class is building a ten room genocide museum in our classroom. I am helping to build a room, and I was given the absolute worst team of students to be paired up with. Figures, right? My team leaders are idiots and no one has ideas, so I was wondering if someone on here may be willing to help us out with creating it. The room has to be based on Discrimination in genocide.

Anything would be helpful, as these two idiots are thinking of building a board game about being a Nazi or Jew in the holocaust and just putting a table in the middle of the room, and people are just supposed to sit there and play.


I have some good ideas and possibilities, but I don’t think posting them is appropriate on this forum. That being said, I would feel extremely awkward with this assignment because it is just reducing something terrible, Genocide, into base stereotypes…


Well there is always PM…

At least you’re not the one who has to slap this crap together.


That’s pretty much my take on it. Would you be willing to PM me your suggestions? Anything will help.

One of the group leader has the most obnoxiously annoying voice ever, and she screamed at me to get off my phone as I was typing this response to you, which is why it’s slightly delayed. Apologies.



You could do the Blue eyes, Green eyes, Brown eyes thing. of all the people that come in, maybe Brown eyes can talk and do stuff, they’re superior so they’re “alive”, Blue eyes have to go do something mildly unpleasant and Green eyes have to do something as if they’re dead. Immediately upon arrival they’re sorted and the green eyes go to some kind of death immediately and without being treated like humans, more like cattle or objects to be disposed of.

It’s a little messed up, but a board game is a lot of effort and it’s not going to get across the point of Genocide unless you just constantly die and everyone loses. It sounds like the point of the assignment is to remind you guys that genocide is no joke, no game. A board game really just supremely misses the entire point. Discrimination in Genocide (seems to me like it would) means that some people are a little human while most are just things to kill to get rid of, genes to remove from the pool.


Serves you right. :wink: Jokes aside, try and do some reasearch on different genocides that took place. Find some of the things that people were discriminated for. Maybe get some trifolds and make each genocide one. A little time consuming but that’s all I can think of.


I am concerned.


I’ll keep an eye on this interesting topic.

I suggest you look up on other Genocides e.g. The Armenian Genocide of Turkey fresh out of the 20th century, the Chinese (Communist) Genocide of Indonesia in somewhere near WW2, among others.

Find parallels on how discrimination took part in the events, or study how similar events of discrimination had happen before, during and after these events.
You can talk about how educational systems tend to omitted such events in some places, a lot of stuff you could do. But that’s just some that I can think off.

I hope you figure what to do with those idiots. My advice don’t do to them what has been done to people these horrible times in human history.


^ This. I approve.

Honestly, something that really gets into the bones of it. Something uncomfortable, perhaps. Something that would make people look around and not feel relaxed around it like in class or joke about. It could be something that makes a person double-take, perhaps not even be part of it. Then you can raise the question: “Why does this make you uncomfortable?” I think it would be a clever way to get people to think about why such events make themselves feel bad. Not only that, but teach them how people felt about that in that time. Yes go with people part of the horrible tragedies. Tell them the thought process behind these atrocities, of why people thought it was OK or necessary. I mean, if you can actually do that.



This just sounds incredibly awkward.


Talk about past events (such as the Holocaust) that made mass genocide happen and use them as an example of how to prevent such dastardly deeds from repeating themselves. Like hang up posters with some info on certain characters, make a display showing how people can be manipulated into believing that doing such evil deeds were acceptable, etc.


Wow, the USA’s government and CIA was complicit in the Indonesian genocide! Incredible.

With respect to discrimination, I think it might be interesting to note the various accounts of inaction and apathy during genocides, the pattern of accusing large-numbered groups of moral deprivation, the exploitation of irrelevant difference in order to engage psychological othering and fear-mongering to foster a social environment that nurtures apathy (or even acceptance) toward discrimination, and the way that these sorts of genocides are committed by the majority in a given distinguishable geographical area.


I read a lot about the small scale genocide, but missed out about just how involved the USA was in the event.

I could understand why the USA and CIA would’ve gotten as involved they did the Soviets would’ve done the same things, but still it makes you think that they should’ve been more picky with what they’d stick their dicks into where it’s not needed. :slightly_smiling:

Fear mongering is an effective tool for creating apathy, the men within the power circles of these events are ‘probably mostly’ aren’t even as fascist as they’re publicly portrayed. But do the horrible things that they do because their greed for power and controlling the (mongered) populous to keep them in line.
We still see a similar form being used for it today in various conflicts and issues. (Which is why I enjoy Slims character so much because Matt manage to have a character on more serious real world dilemma)

It’s really a great shame seeing something that’s so primal in all animals be put into such a mass scale and destructive nature. Humans are so weird, why can’t we solve conflict more like the Bonobos do. :confused:


This might be a useful reference. It’s a doc on the Stanford prison experiment. It examines how those given power over others react to said power. Reducing relationships to us vs. them dynamics can result in incredible abuse of power. One could make a comparison to the guards of concentration camps in Germany or gulags in the U.S.S.R…


Just plaster this on all the displays

10/10 best genocide museum


Holy fuck. I’ve seen some gameplay of that game (basically the tutorial only) but that looks difficult as shit.


Difficult? lol There are few words in the English language that can correctly portray how horrendously difficult this is. A no-hit run of this would make you a demi-god.

Whoa they did a documentary over this? I only heard small reports and such. Didn’t know they made an entire documentary over it!


I just watched a video of a Sans no-hit run and oh my sweet lord, that man may be the next reincarnation of Christ.