Created an entire Hunter Set *ADDED TRAPPER*


Finally did all the loadouts. Trapper was my least interested class to make, but hopefully it’s unique enough.

Character name: Troy

Primary Weapon: Hunting Rifle

Capacity: 20 rounds


Damage: Medium

Reload: 3 seconds

Description: Standard semi-automatic rifle dealing good damage and is highly accurate. Comes equipped with a red-dot sight with 2x magnification.

Secondary Slot: Stasis Bola

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Description: Troy throws custom made bolas equipped with two stasis charges at each end connected with a metal wire that calculates the size and weight of the target it comes into contact with.

Upon a successful hit, the bola covers the target in stasis energy that prevents the monster from making leaps and halts stamina regeneration for 4 seconds. The bola travels at medium velocity requiring good aiming and travels in a straight line that drops over distance.

Special Ability: Carrion Bird

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Description: Troy’s companion is a tamed Carrion Bird that he can order to survey a part of the map which will temporarily reveal a circular area for 10 seconds in a 70m radius, in addition it will outline any Elite wildlife and the monster if it comes into the area. Normal wildlife will not be revealed. Deploying the bird requires travel time depending on how far the target distance is and pulls up the minimap choosing your destination of choice, rather than line of sight. This ability can be useful to scout an known area the monster is escaping towards.

Class ability: Mobile Arena

Character name: Lilllian

Primary Weapon: 25mm Caseless Autocannon

Damage: High

Ammo Capacity: 30 Rounds

Reload: 3.5 seconds

Rate of Fire: 200 RPM

Description: Portable Autocannon chambered in custom 25mm caseless shells filled with an energy-based Fusion charge. Deals medium damage, medium velocity (requires leading on fast targets), the Fusion ammunition slows Monster and wildlife attack speed by 30% for 3 seconds, successive hits on target refreshes duration.

Secondary Weapon: Plasma Cannon

Ammo Capacity: 3

Reload: Battery type, “recharges” 1 shot every 4 seconds

Rate of Fire: Very Slow

Description: Launches a ball of plasma at high velocity that can also bounce off walls, surfaces and explodes on contact with the target dealing medium AOE damage, but very high direct damage.

Special Ability: Suppressive Fire - Increases rate of fire and projectile velocity by 50%.

Duration 8 seconds

Cooldown: 30 seconds (CD starts when the ability wears off)

Class Ability: Personal Shield

It was due for a Female Assault character, kinda just cooked this up with my imagination.

Design of the autocannon is a combination of a real-life M242 Bushmaster autocannon with Hyde’s Minigun.

Alright I made Support Loadout as well, and it was a lot harder to come up with trying to figure out what makes sense and wouldn’t overlap with other abilities.

Character name: Lucille - Female Android (looks like the adjutant from SC2) but with an actual body. More humanoid in appearance compared to Bucket, but more robotic in personality.

Primary Weapon: Pulse Laser

Damage: Medium (no charge) - High (when fully charged)

Rate of Fire: High

Ammo Capacity: 6 seconds of sustained fire.

Reload: Battery type / 2.5 second recharge

Description: Normally used for heavy construction to cut through dense metals and mining on asteroids, it’s power output has been illegally modified to serve as a weapon. Fires a constant beam of energy with no travel time, the longer you keep it on one target the more damage will be dealt. DOES NOT benefit from Sniper Markers.

Secondary Slot: Shield Burst

Description: Gives hunters in a nearby area an unstable energy shield that lasts 8 seconds, that can absorb 3 hits at -50% reduced damage, when the shield is destroyed it releases a shockwave that deals moderate damage. Can be used on incapacitated Hunters.

Cooldown: 30 seconds after the ability wears off.

Special Ability: SD-01

Description: A drone that follows Lucille providing supportive functions. Passively provides fire support by discharging energy bolts when Lucille fires her primary weapon wherever she aims dealing light damage. When activated the fire support function stops and the drone emits an aura that buffs nearby hunters to increase their weapon switching and magazine/battery size by 100% for 10 seconds.

Cooldown: 45 seconds after the ability wears off.

Class Ability: Team Cloak.

Made a Medic loadout. Pretty tough to make.

Character Name: Mason

Primary Weapon: Concord Airburst Micro Missile Launcher or CAMML (pronounced “Camel” for short)

Rate of Fire: 450 RPM

Reload: 2 seconds

Ammo Capacity: 25 Round Drum

Damage: Low

Description: An automatic Missile Launcher using a modified Light Machine Gun chassis rechambered to fire 30mm airbursting missiles capable of inflicting light damage in a small AOE. Medium projectile velocity requires aiming for fast targets and has high spread pattern due to hefty recoil, but is counteracted by the airbursting feature requiring minimal aiming correction. Comes equipped with a holographic sight.

Secondary Slot: Healing Beacon

Description: Lay down a healing beacon that emits a pulse of healing energy periodically in a wide AOE to heal nearby hunters, in addition a stacking buff applies for each pulse reducing incoming damage by 5% with a maximum of 2 stacks that lasts for 10 seconds, stacks with perks.

Can be destroyed in one hit, vulnerable to wildlife as well. Stays on the field indefinitely until destroyed, can only deploy one beacon at a time. Deploying a second beacon will detonate that last active beacon. Emits a bright green pulse from it’s target location.

Cooldown: None. But cannot deploy more than one at a time.

Special Ability: Sonic Beacon

Description: Deploys a beacon that emits sonic energy that scares away wildlife, in addition it debuffs the monster by increasing skill cooldowns by 40%, making it take longer to recast spells.

Can be destroyed in one hit. Stays on the field indefinitely until destroyed, can only deploy one beacon at a time. Deploying a second beacon will detonate that last active beacon dealing damage in a medium area. Emit’s a bright red pulse from it’s target location.

Cooldown: 6 seconds. Cannot deploy more than one at a time.

Class Ability: Healing Burst

Damage wise, Mason sits ahead of Lazarus, but behind Caira.

Tier 4 hype!
Tier 4 hype!

I like the loadout thing but your characters two weapons seem a bit overpowered


I think we should have a thread for this.

Just people drawing up quick silhouettes of weapons and abilities for fun.


I focused on high damage, but having the slowest rates of fire and reloads.


Here is my assault.
My First Weapon. Vasquez’s Smartgun
Model M56A2
Type General-purpose machine gun
Technical specifications:
Length 122 cm
Feed System 600-round drum
Fire Mode(s):
Fully automatic
4-round burst
10×28mm Caseless
Operation: Rotating breech, electronic pulse action
Rate of Fire:
1,200 rounds/min
1,500 metres effective

2nd Weapon. Vera.
Jayne’s very favourite gun a “Callahan fullbore autolock”. This impressive weapon was aquired when, in Jaynes words “Three men came to kill me at once, and the best of them carried this”. Effective even against ships it is based on a Saiga 12 guage (a shotgun varient of the Kalashnikov series)

Special Skill. Blink.
This allows the Assault to make a very fast ‘blink/short teleport’ maneuver to another location. Couldn’t find an animated version to show this, so hopefully this will suffice.

Personal Shield of Course.


I really like OP assault loadout! feels like Assault+Support.


I feel like you should change the term Suppressive Fire. If it was a skill he used that suppressed, it would work, however, I think calling it something else would make it better. Some suggestions: “On my Mark”, “Attack my Target”, “Take it Down”, Adrenaline Pheromones, or Unload.


I feel like it works enough, because you get the idea of putting down a lot of bullets onto your target which relates back to the increase of rate of fire.


But suppression wouldn’t make you reload or shoot faster in reality. It just means spray at this target to provide cover and suppress. In all reality it’s a minor gripe at best :stuck_out_tongue: You’ve done a great job, just the name bugs me :stuck_out_tongue:


Supression Fire is a constant stream of fire. To accomplish that squads have to coordenate their reload time to maintain the stream. So in a way it affects reload usage and effectiveness … I think the increase reload speed can represent those characteristics.


Semantics I guess. If I was doing suppression in real life my ability to shoot or reload faster wouldn’t change. It’s just a bunch of bullets at one location.


True and you can pretty much simulate that in game, but is there a reason too? I can’t find one.


Unload sounds good to me.


Insurgency does this well. If you suppress someone, their screen begins to shake and it’s harder to focus/aim as you have bits of debris flying around you. It’s one of the few games I really like the suppression ability. X-Com being another game that I like with it :slight_smile:


Added a Support Loadout, it was really hard. D:


Oh man, this would be so awesome to counter Goliath Leap Smash or Kraken Lighting Strike!


The shield burst sounds REALLY strong. That being said, does the discharge ONLY happen when the shield is hit 3 times, or also at the end of the 5 seconds? (3 hits within 5 seconds seems a tad short, although not sure how you would count something like ‘fire breath’) Also, would be really deadly if a monster AoEs the group and they all discharge.


I’d say it only explodes when it’s broken or else it’ll make fights for the Goliath too annoying. Fire breath will destroy the shield quickly since it’s a multi hit ability.

Changed the duration to 6 seconds but reduced the maximum hits taken to 2.


I think 2 might not be enough time to stop attacking and getting hit with the discharge. I think 3 in 9 seconds might be good. Maybe round it to 10 seconds for a nice even feel. If there is a notification that you are hitting someone with that shield on and it’s well done, I think 3 is good. You could be mid leap, they pop it and you can’t change your mind, and then anything you do would hurt the heck out of you. I think 3 min. is a good starting spot. Heck, even with 50% reduction in damage I would encourage my teammates to group up for attacks as that is really strong. Reduced damage and have them get hurt for each shield popping :stuck_out_tongue: AoE death.

(Iron Maiden from Diablo 2 anyone? :P)


Added a Medic Loadout. Tried to think of a healing mechanic that isn’t used yet.

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