Created an album with all of the mini-maps


Somebody asked for this on reddit so I cut out all the mini-maps at the end of each map.
You can check them out here:

Time to pin-point some strategic trap-locations !

List of maps

Rendering plant is terrible. The monster should NEVER go North as the trapper can literally have his team flush the monster out and dome at that chokepoint.


Hey @Alex_Versnel …these maps would be great to add to your guides!


Would love to see this updated with the other maps as well at release. Speaking of which, do we have map layouts for any of the defend maps?


And for the Evolve wiki also!



I’ll make updated versions once the game is actually released. Make them a bit more bright, edit contrast etc. (New maps too)


Slightly off topic, BUT

I really wish that when you brought up the mini-map in game you had the option for it to orient towards where you are looking. Maybe with a compass or grid for reference and communication.



I think it’s fine the way it is. There was a small compass on the bottomright of the screen, which was all you needed in my opinion (“monster heading north-east, slighty left to where I marked waypoint” or something like that).
But I would enjoy an actual in-game minimap, instead of having to press TAB to open it.


I’m aware of and very thankful for the compass in the HUD. My point was that if you made the map rotate with your viewpoint it would be good to have some objective markers to go along with it so you can communicate what you are looking to your teammates.

In my experience I have to look at the map then reorient it in my mind to make use of the information it is telling me. While the split seconds that takes may seem negligible, I am still expending metal energy to do so thus losing some focus from other tasks. I don’t like that and I feel that using map would be much more efficient and effective if I had the option to change it.


Some games (I think counterstrike) have the option to enable the minimap-orientation, but I don’t really like/use it. Making it optional would be really great.

Also, I do agree that some sort of grid would be really usefull to pinpoint locations that you can’t mark/target (like Battleship; “monster spotted at A1, probably heading to B1” or something along those lines)


That is what the ping system is for. Between pings and general NE, SW etc… directions it should be easy.


With ping you need line of sight. And my NE isn’t always someone else’s NE. Having played other games with a map grid it helps a lot to coordinate movement


If you found some way to show where Tyrants, Sloths, Megamouths, and Armadons spawn on those maps, that would be really useful for strategizing.


But they can still see you on the map, so with the map open they should see what you are talking about. Also, once you get used to maps you don’t call out directions you call out landmarks. Dam, Fusion Plant and Distillery had several location names. However, and I’ll mention this in my report, the two ‘brown maps’ Rendering plant and Orbital just looked TOO similar. I could never tell crap on those levels.


With a grid it makes everything you are talking about simpler, quicker and more precise. I see it as another useful tool to be used with pings and cardinal directions.


But how is saying B2 any better than saying He’s near the truck N of us? Or he’s near the ranch? Or across from the Sarlaac Pit? Or in the Swamp? etc…


Why not both? “He is at B2 near the tower”. Or to be more precise, “he is at B3 near the tower”. Grids are universal, because not everyone is going to familiar with your terminology of the map.

“Hey guys, he is in the gulch”
“The WHAT?”
“He is in D3”
“Ahh ok”


I had done this already but yours is much more neat, what I’ll have to map out now is the hunter’s FOV as their falling out of the dropship


Fantastic! Thanks for taking these. They look great!


We’re waiting on presenting the Mini-maps until post launch due to having the names and numbers associated with the BETA and Alpha runs. We don’t want to advertise people’s personal details.