Create a new EMET


I commented on some gambles with other players that would be really cool one EMET only used the demonic core, could create a EMET Assault to speak those phrases that many like to hear because they are funny and aggressive :smiling_imp:

That was it, thank you!


It wouldn’t make senseeeee. Almost as little sense as two Abe’s being in the same battle.

However, you do have Paladin Parnell to look forward too!


Yes of course, I wanted to post this because several people liked the idea , I thought it might be something cool to put a crazier character over there to hunt the monster … and as you mentioned , they made a turn Assault doctor … hehehehe at least will come with a cannon healing , no one else will die \ 0 /


How would it not make sense to have two EMETs? They’re what I assumed to be a model of mass-produced medical drones. I don’t see why there would only be one EMET drone in existence. At least it makes more sense than two Abes.


Because Lazarus can’t ressurect a non-mind robot.


Even one with a dual core shared with a demon core that could be a high enough class to merit being revivified?

Also for OP, i love the idea.


Ahh over it has artificial intelligence that should already be enough !!! kkkkkk :sweat_smile:

But it was good your observation !!! \0/ :smiley:


The robot classification system in Evolve goes…

Super Vok

…with Mind being the most intelligent, and Mute the least. Emet, with dual cores, is described as being between Vok and Super Vok. EMET drones and Demon drones are both Voks.

Although it MAY be possible, I find it highly unlikely, since even a Super Vok is nowhere near as human-like as a Mind. Emet is capable of certain complex emotions, such as sadness, happiness, and anger. The sadness portion seems to stem from a combination of his happy EMET personality and his angry Demon personality. I doubt Emet (unlike a Mind) is capable of feeling ANYTHING other than those three emotions, let alone be able to grasp the concept of them.


Boxer assault Emet.


That’s really cool information, and now i know.

I think that they might drum up an idea, but i feel like with that information it would be a bit difficult to pull off.

Don’t put it past them though x)


Like, I mean, it’s certainly possible. Certainly not a bad suggestion.

It’s just that, with the applied lore, I don’t see it occurring.


Well, as we’ve seen recently, anything including war propaganda is up for adaptation.

But yeah established non-propaganda lore-wise, I’m not 100% that Laz could revive it. Like 40% maybe.


Oh Gosh, I totally forgot about the Overpowered period, and possibly others that could occur.

However, now that I think about it, I doubt Hub would utilize two robots as “war hero figures”. Especially since Emet, when compared to Bucket in terms of production amounts, is so… basic.

Like, there’s probably plenty of minds, but only one Bucket. There’s probably WAYYYYY more EMET drones, but only one Emet. But which one do you think the people are gonna stand behind more?


But using this concept , which the meteors logic that heal players when they explode on the ground ?? hehehehe
therefore this problem Lazarus resurrect it would be just a little something out of the ordinary … BUT THE SOLUTION : Lazarus could ressussitar EMET dropping an equal portal Kala , and so another Drone would replace \ 0 / \ 0 /

Extra: The monster eats the robots too ?? I do not remember now :yum:


This isn’t the reason that Lazarus can revive Bucket. Lazarus can revive him because his repair drones come equipped with a literal brain.


Wait, what? That wasn’t stated in the conversation.


What wasn’t?


Yah if i recall bucket was “terrified to think what would happen if the corporations realized that packing Minds in drones and pairing them with Lazarus men meant an immortal, unkillabled army”


Where was it stated that Bucket’s repair drone chassis had a brain?


Actually, I did not remember the Bucket :sweat_smile: