Create a Monster Skill Set!


Similar to my ‘Create A Perk’ thread, only difference is I created some monster skill icons as a reference. I tried to make the icons as general as I can, so you can be creative with them and see what people interprets what the icon means for their own kind of monster!

  1. Toxic Barbs - Fires barbs coated in a toxin in a frontal cone dealing damage and applies a movement speed debuff.

  2. Pounce - Quickly leap onto a hunter to inflict damage, nearby team mates will be stunned for 2 seconds. The further you are from your target the more damage you inflict.

  3. Virulent - Emits a deadly gaseous pathogen around the monster that infects hunters and applies damage over time and skill cool downs take a penalty of -20%. In addition hunters carrying the disease can pass it on to team mates if they are in close proximity.

  4. Cocoon - Fires out a web in a straight line at high velocity that damages and stuns one hunter for 4 seconds, team mates can shoot the cocooned hunter to free him.

Core concepts for a new monster

1st: Metallic Missile; a metallic monster launches a sharp piece of metal that acts lie a vortex but does more damage but pushes the hunters back less.
2nd: Air Waves:; A winged monster uses its wings to damage the hunters with extremely fast wind at a fast pace.
3rd: IDK
4th: Electrodome; Another electric monster will surrond itself with electricity and harm nerby hunters dealing more damage the closer they are to the monster. Bassicly Aftershock if it was made to be OP.


Woah man, they look awesome and interesting!


I like this one.

I like how you took inspiration from the Evolve art and made icons as well, very cool.


Thanks for the feedback. But feel free to create your own skills guys. :smile:


I had an idea for a Mammalian Monster! A wolf/Badger looking thing with a tail full of quills. I wanted to play a high risk high reward style Monster.

  1. Rush - The monster dashes forward a moderate distance. If the move connects with a hunter, said hunter will be carried off with the monster. Indirect damage and slight knock back is dealt to hunters out of bite range. When Carrying a Hunter, not only would the monster leave very prominent tracks, it’d have a whopping -30% movement speed penalty. Penalties reduced on leveling up.

  2. Thrash - Within melee range the Monster slashes wildly, Dealing massive damage to any targets caught in the AOE.

  3. Adrenal Burst - The Monster gains a 25% movement speed buff and 10% damage resistance buff(Does not affect armor) for 5 seconds. Monster leaves prominent tracks.

  4. Reroute - The monster does a 180 degrees turn with an exaggerated tail swing. Significant knock back to hunters, great for setting up a speedy getaway or an opening for Rush.

What do you guys think? :smiley: