Create a "boot camp" in hunt 2.0


So, a lot of times in ranked I only have a team of 3. I am silver expert and my friends are silver skilled, sometimes we get very lucky with that 1 other pub who’s good. But a lot of other times, we are spending at least a half hour searching for someone who isnt a determining rank. I propose TRS creates a “boot camp.” A system where other determining ranks can only be matched up with other determining ranks and only face other determining rank monsters. With the growing community, this can be easily implemented. I believe this will help create a more stress free rank system and help determining ranks be determined correctly.


I think the MM is supposed to put similar Ranks together, but sometimes you get what is available. I know when my gal plays she only ever gets put with DT’s or low Bronze.


An idiot barrier is more preferable, just some multiple choice questions about each class (for example, what is a medic’s primary job?)
I don’t care about rank, just as long as people actually do what they’re meant to do.


Well that’s a little harsh! I think personally doing what some other games have done and implement a Level Requirement for Ranked wouldn’t be a bad idea!


I’m slightly salty about earlier on, where I’ve had medics that don’t heal and Hanks that don’t shield (actual ranked people to boot), perhaps there is a better term for it but at least my point is clear xD


How can their rank be determined if they only play against people that the system doesn’t have a skill level for? That doesn’t make sense.


I figured you weren’t serious! We all have those games lol :wink:


Depending on how they play they can be correctly placed into their rank. If a determining rank gets matched up with three bronze destoryers, plays 10 games and gets all lucky wins they could be placed into an undeserving rank. Just my opinion


No, if a determining rank only plays determining ranks they cannot be placed in a suitable division. Sure, they could annihilate in all 10 games, but what if the ones they played end up Bronze Elite or Skilled or something? Wins, but against poor players. They may get placed Silver Expert or something, and then shoot down.

It is unlikely that someone will get enough lucky kills to skew the results.


I think it’s been established that even if your rank says determining rank, you still have an invisible rank you can’t see. Don’t quote me on that though.


I’d imagine so. A “zero” rank. But same idea. If 2 people have no points then how does the game know how many points to award for a win?


This made my day, thank you kindly sir


A problem I am seeing here is eventually you will run out of determining ranks to play with. There are far less determing ranks then there are people who are already ranked so they would have to wait even longer to find a match.

So eventually a player who gets in late will never be able to play ranked hunt ever because he is one of the only determining rank players so he just cant find a match.


DR are fit into their estimated division. If they continue to win then they are pushed into higher divisions to test their skills, if they fail, they are not meant for that division.

DR fighting only other DR won’t give any ranks.


The only way I think it could maybe work is how League of Legends works. In LOL you can’t start playing ranked until you’re level 30 (max level ). I know it’s two different games but if you wasn’t aloud to play ranked hunt till level 40, it’d at least mean the DR’s would have a decent understanding of the game. That way they can actually understand what may have gone wrong here and there during the hunt.


Then maybe take that part away? DR’s fighting already ranked monsters can help with placement, and vice versa for monster DR’s