Crazy Seeds Ideas


This is a list of ideas i’ve had over the span of the past year that I dont think they’ll be implemented. TRS is doing a great job and I agree with their direction, however these are alternatives. The goal is for more world/Lore consistency. Again, i dont think these will be implemented, i just want to put these down somewhere XD


Rock Throw : Mid Air connections will not explode, instead they will connect with the hunter, and push them till it collides with an unmoveable object, or if gravity stops the rock. Has initial impact damage, then exploding damage once collision detected.
Flame Breath: The longer the flame is left on 1 target, the damage increases exponentially, and further increases the DOT affect afterwards duration and damage.
Charge: Allow for Directional charges that are shorter distances than the frontward charge.
Leap Smash: Similar to rock throw, will grab any 1 mid-air hunter and pull them to the landing location, dealing AOE damage. Suplex time.


Lightning Strike: No longer deals vertical cylinder damage, instead only the bubble that forms on the ground deals damage. The Vertical bolt of lightning will Strike any hunter in that line dealing 0 damage, disable their jetpack, and completely drain it; removing flight options for 3 seconds, before its re-enabled, and starts regenerating.
Banshee Mine: Longer arm time, (1-2s more), Smaller until its aggravated. Once aggrevated it will become its current size and chase the hunter at a speed twice of Kala’s.
Vortex: Starts extremely small area, and cones out. Deals more damage and pushes further, the closer the hunter is to the Kraken.
AfterShock: Kraken Balls up, reducing incoming damage during the initial cast time, and creates a pulse wave outwards from the main body that deals damage based on hunters location relative to the Kraken.

Auto attack: Has no disruption to pick-ups/hunter cast animations. However will push the hunter a small distance. This will allow the monster to push a Hunter away and after successive hits, disrupt the ability, possibly.


Warp Blast : Faster Travel, will push past any hunter/medium/small creatures/small trees in the way
Abduction: : Damage is dealt on the grab, instead of the release. Can be tapped again to stop the retreat to start location early
SuperNova: Applies a DOT to hunters, burning their jetpack while that stay inside the AOE.
Decoy: : Able to traverse while invisible, and becomes visible while casting abilities. The decoy remains on the field for the entire duration.
Traversal: Moves to a bar system, like behemoth. Traversals are shorter distance but a bar will provide a total of 5 traversals, which regen quickly.
Immediately after a traversal, First Meelee swipe within 2 seconds, will be a Heavy swipe.


Rock Wall: More knockup.
Tongue Grab: Will Latch onto the hunter, Pulling them with the tongue, back to the behemoths location. Lower Damage. Faster cast time. Castable while MID-AIR
Lava Surge: Can move while building the lava in his mouth. Further Distance traveled, the less lava in his mouth. Removes little by little over distance traveled. Castable while mid-air.
Fissure: Pushes hunters forward, away from Behemoth, until they collide with an object. Deals initial damage, and bonus damage on collision.
Traversal : Rolls over any creature that is 2 meats or less, killing it and moving it out of the way. Doesnt break Behemoths stride.

Just kinda felt the need to post. I love what TRS is doing, and i look forward to seeing their vision in TU9 :slight_smile:
Who knows… Maybe my dreams will come true XD


I haven’t read all of these yet, but I wanted to say that your Wraith abduction suggestion is kickass


thanks XD


10/10 would only play Rock Throw Goliath


I can already see Hunters being pushed into the collision of a rock and ending up stuck for 2 months until it’s fixed.

Now THAT would be sweet. I wonder how silly it would look if Goliath instantly charged backwards, but it definitely sounds useful.


Then you could cancel it for extra distance though, making her way harder to catch.


Ah, I hadn’t thought of that. That would be extremely unfun.


wraith has the lowest traversal strength out of all monsters.
I thought of this, range could be modified for balancing, but these are just initial concepts that i was pondering. Abduct already stops early under hunter control, why not monster XD

A man can dream



I should probably clarify that and state that it does 0 damage.


It would be nice to be able to cancel the forward portion of Abduct in case of a miss or to avoid big hits like mortars. Tap again to abort and return to start position.

Could maybe even apply a bit of skill-shot logic where there would be a little AoE grab at the point of cancel. Would feel a lot like Warp Blast.


I want stage 3 monsters to have destructible environments.


I’d love to slam dunk a hunter into the pavement .


All abilities have to deal damage, sorry.


The bubble deals damage, just not the bolt above it.




I wanna be alive to see this dream come true!!!

I wouldn’t say a DOT but it should cause some kind of negative effect on the hunters or their weapons with all those particles floating around…


I have actually done that once. Totally a fluke, Player had a sliver of health as i charged twards him and jumped at the last second! Still funny to watch tho!


I’ve done it a couple times, not as cool as that though :sweat_smile: