Crazy pure fun mode


Hence game is now f2p with plenty of new content inbound wouldn’t be fun to implement in future separated mode with less restrictions and more crazy customization? I mean picking two medics and two assaults against two monsters, one hunter against 4 monsters, Maggie and WM with both Dasies at the same time etc etc. For friends and bots only, not for casual or hardcore gameplay. Think of the mayhem!


No thanks.


No thank you. Seems like a waste of development time and eould ruin the atmosphere.


well it is not that bad idea,there is not much to do…I ve played over 1000matches,reached maximum rank in ranked and going 4x slim sounds like lots of fun,long fun too considerin slim’s dps.

Best thing?no need for new map,game mode or anything else. Just less restricted pick in custom game. Sound like bang for the buck!


Yes because the game has a lot of atmosphere right now…


Ouuuuuuuuuu! That is too brutal maaaaaaan.Yeah It became little too flashy for most people’s taste.




First of all the game isn’t balanced around any of that crap.
How would that even be a “fun” mode. It would be OP AF.
If you want to add any game modes at least let them have a place in the lore of this universe.


Pass…this is crazy dumb mode that serves no purpose.


Its called fun


I’m all up for more crazy options being enabled in custom games, but that’s where they should stay :wink:


That would be crazy fun, kind of like the Weekly Brawl Overwatch does!

I also remember the Devs doing something similar on their streams, they once did a match where all the hunters were Lazarus, it was super funny :laughing:


There was a 4x Caira game once showen in a official Stream. I would love to do things like that in custommatches, but if it would take a lot of time to make they shouldnt do it atleast not now.


Well, Weather Control: Overpowered is close to what you’re asking for.


A lot of people wouldn’t conisder it fun due to it messing with the core mechanics


What would the Monster get in exchange for the hunters’ freedom of team comp choice?


That’s what makes it fun.Repetition is never fun


It wouldn’t make it fun especially if it seperates the playerbase


Then you and i have completely different definitions of fun.


1 hunter vs 4 monsters…

You do realize nobody can take you seriously after posting something like this right?