Crazy popping in tutorial, basically making the game unplayable


Just bought the game, looking forward to playing it, on the second mission this starts happening… I can’t even look at the screen it makes me feel so sick. here’s what’s happening


… Now that there is a nasty LSD trip.


I know, no idea what the hell is going on


What platform was this on?


This is on PS4


Dang, that didn’t happen to me so far, hope it fixes up for you soon. Did you try closing the system and opening again?


Just reset it and it’s looking fine now, but don’t really want to jump into a game and have these problems! Worth bringing it to the devs attention


I’m having this issue in game now. All the textures are popping going crazy - can I get a response please? It’s got really bad, like all square flashing textures.


Might be worth deleting the game from your hard drive and then reinstalling.