Crazy Match Making Bugs and then in game bugs


TRS Big fan just ask (Caria :grinning:). So match making has been a bit painful. A friend and me were partied up on xbox one (Hunt 2.0). We would load a hunt game with four hunters and then one of us would get dropped & would have to exit out and then restart the search. We attempted a re-invite on a loading game but once the friend loaded (or at least appeared to load on my screen (his badge, name, and placement was visible to me)) he was not loading and we got booted due to character selection.

After several minutes of attempting to join a game (close to 25 min). We loaded into a game (woo-hoo). The hunters were Maggie, Hank, Val, Lenox. Monster was Wraith in the Wairth Trap map.

On the drop ship deployment I recieved an out of bounds (the verbage may be off) type error even though on my screen I was running on the map. My friend who was medic appeared to be in the atmosphere with the trapper on my screen but on his he was on the map running around.

I returned on the drop ship successful but the medic appeared to be 1200 meters away in the sky. My friend was stating he was right next to me. After a few minutes he appeared to be on the ground but not visible to me (i could see the health bar and name but no character) and remain in the same spot.

Of course by this time the wraith was stage 3 so I was hanging at the power core. When the wraith was in range I dropped an orbital on the abduct spot when he went after assualt. It then was immediately kicked to xbox home with my evolve game shut down…

I have several xbox record that moments. Check GT: USMC John3 17
For the footage.