Craziest Evolve Dream ever


I dreamed T6. I can’t remember everything, but I do remember some key points.

The monster was a giant robotic mouse looking thing with fleshy parts under the metal. The more damaged it got, the more the pieces of metal armor would fall off to reveal this huge grotesque rat creature. I think it had magnetic powers.

The Support had a tractor beam thing. He could use it to pull his team mates away from the monster quickly.

The Assault had a grenade launcher, and the grenades didn’t explode for some time after impact, but when they did they did heavy damage.

I know the Medic did stuff, but I can’t remember what lol.

I don’t think I ever dreamed up a Trapper.

The weirdest thing though was that the map was like the inside of a giant clock. Lots of spinning gears and giant screws everywhere. It was like I was inside of Big Ben or something. Weird lol.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my insane ramblings. :smile:


I once dreamed I was being hunted by hank who was carrying a giant nuke…


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inb4 lock :stuck_out_tongue: sounds like an amazing dream, when tech sgt hank was revealed I had a dream where he had a viking helmet


Don’t you have better things to dream about? Like what about a giraffe falling in love with a baby elephant when a dragon introduced them because they both liked the band 13 Engineers? wink wink


Sounds accurate.


Don’t let your dreams be dreams!


Well said.


Make it happen trs


Val said you’re dumb and you should feel dumb.


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