Crashing when goliath intro


every time i try to play when i get in the goliath intro the game crash and the pc restart.
help plz

my pc
cpu core i5
8 gb ram
windows 7 ultimate 64 bits
gpu: R9 280x


I had this issue. I turned off my GPU overclocking and it solved it.


hmmm, mine is not overclocked


Do you have the newest nVidia or AMD drivers installed? Can you use nVidia Experience or AMD’s equivalent to mess with the graphics settings of Evolve before you boot the game up? See if that fixes it.


yes, driver are updated, gonna try what u said


2 days and i cant play the game, amazing!


formated with win 8.1 and still the same crap, nice one 2k, turtle rock

u guy are amazing!