Crashing during dropship phase holds the bot up (Stage 2)


Basically, I tabbed out (BIG MISTAKE ON MY END) While I was in the dropship at the start of the game, this caused Hyde to just kinda sit there in the air while I was disconnecting. Game hadn’t acknowledged that I had disconnected right away and this forced our non-played character (Abe) to just kinda sit there and look at me until I finally disconnected.

TLDR; Abe refused to follow the other two player controlled carriers and only started moving when I completely disconnected.


Well the game tries to reconnect you back, so I guess the bot thought you had a connection to the game because you were still in it.


That’s pretty much it, the game thought I was still connected right until I closed the game and relaunched it according to my boyfriend, but it’s never held the bot up before


What were your team mates doing at the time you disconnected?


Running after the monster.


Once I fully disconnected from the game server the bots started following the two player controlled…


Yeah well I don’t really think there is a way for the devs to fix this because you still had a connection to the game, even if it was really weak, so the bot followed the closest player, which in this case was you. I don’t know which dev to tag, but I guess @citizenphnix is the right one?