Crashing during character mastery and cut scenes. (Hyper transport Sync Flood Error)


I didn’t have any problems with the alpha however since the beta and full release I frequently crash my computer during the character mastery post game review and sometimes during cut scenes such as the hunter tutorials or the evacuation scenes. When I reboot my PC it says a Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error has occurred. This doesn’t happen every time but I can’t play more than a game or two without my PC crashing.

I’m running a AMD Phenom ii X2 555 processor and an AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series graphics card on Windows 7

I’ve updated my drivers and flashed my BIOS and everything else i can think of but to no avail. I’ve heard many people with AMD hardware have been having issues running evolve but I’m hoping someone else has experienced this problem and has a solution available!