Crash to desktop


So since every bug reporting threads are closed…
The game crashes to desktop every once in a while in the middle of a game… Very annoying issue.
Any news on that?


Bug thread is still open, so I changed your category.


Hiya Harry,

What video card are you using? Also, is all your drivers up to date?


I have this every once in a whiel as well. GTX 770 i5-4690k. GPU is not overclocked. Probably happens once every 4 hours.


Silly question and I am sure I already know the answer. Is your drivers up to date?


Yep. 12384590235


Have you downloaded your driver through the program Nvidia experience? I found that is super effective on fresh drivers and removes the older drivers to remove a conflict situation.

Also, when is the last time you ran a Defrag and dusted your case?


I built this computer two months ago so it’s not a heat issue :P. Defrag I don’t because it’s an SSD. And yes I use the nvidia experience. Like I said it onlyhappens every few hours and it’s just an immediate crash to desktop with no error message.


Sounds like you know what you are doing then. It does sound like it is a program related issue. It may be a good idea to also post your computer specs here so they know what your system is running. That may be useful for them to track down any bugs.


Yes sir! Gtx980 up to date…


On your original post update it it with all your computer specs and operating system. It may be handy for them to know that when they see this thread.