Crash to desktop when someone else is streaming?


I know this was an issue in some of the other games I played, where when someone was streaming their gameplay(even in LoL for a while, if anyone in the game streamed, the entire opposing team kept getting DCd). Can the same thing be happening in Evolve?

I got matchmade against one guy I know 3 times during my Evolve play, and he was streaming every time(with twitch in name). Every single time my game crashed to desktop mid match. It just happened again now. I was Goliath, on Medlab, stage 2 with full armor and no health loss, wasn’t domed once and hunters weren’t in my smell range, I kill a steamadon, run towards it to eat it and game just closes itself.

CTD happened to me maybe 5 times during Evolve, and 3 of those were when I was playing against this guy who was streaming. Same thing every time, mid match, just CTD. Could this be an issue in Evolve too or is it just really fucking bad luck?


This hadn’t happened to me. None has reported this before as far as I am aware.