Crash to Desktop that happens since Hunt 2.0 patch


I’ve encountered a CTD a few times, usually very early in a match. I happen to have video of it if it will help. This PC I am on never crashed for Evolve before the patch.

Not much to say about it other than it happens really early, usually as I am feeding and right as the hunters are approaching. Things start to get tense and bam, desktop instantly.


A video would be awesome! No one has provided me with a video yet. That would be great! :slight_smile:


I uploaded the issue to youtube. When the screen goes black at the end of the video is the moment I see my desktop.


Thank you very much! This will help!


also getting this during load screen or at drop ship sometimes just after landing from drop ship but usually early game.
also not a fan of losing points for a dev failure or having to wait to re-queue.


This is also happening on Xbox one with the crash sending you back to the home page. Then the entire game restarts even though we just waited 25 minutes to get into a game!!!


This still happens to me, on xbox one I’ll be firing at the monster and suddenly the game just crashes to the home page it’s really annoying, resurrecting a super old thread but ah well.