Crash to desktop out of nothing



yesterday I was playing a solo game of evolve and I think I was playing sunny, after a while the game just crashes to desktop without giving me an error.

I did notice however when I was playing that I had weird flashes on my screen. I first thought it was the lightning in the game because of “bad weather”, but they were brief pink flashes (like the whole screen goes pink for a fraction of a second)

That happened about 3 or 4 times before the game crashed.

i’ve got a i5 2400, geforce 970, 8 gb ram and run on windows 8.1

I have all settings maxed except shadows on high and use the default AA setting. I ran at 55-60 fps.


Try lowering the settings. I’ve noticed that before I was getting this crash very frequently until I lowered everything to medium settings with TXAA. Didn’t notice a single thing visually different, and I got a lot better FPS, and less crashes.