Crash to Desktop / Game restarts to Lobby?



I’ve had the game crash to desktop a few times, once in game and it counted as loss as well :frowning:
Another instance of the game being wonky: Mid game, just as i evolve to stage 3, the game disconnects all players, and kicks us back to lobby. I could pick my monster and perks again, and see other players but none of them would respond.

Anyone else having these kinds of issues?
Both times this happened when i was using Gold Goliath ( doubt its the cause ) and they counted as my only two losses :frowning:


We are working on several crash bugs. A fix for at least one random crash should go out this week. At least one more should come next week.

Sorry about the losses. :disappointed:


Thanks, side note, do you know if these stats will reset after the Beta ends or is it pretty much just gonna roll on for quite a while?
Like how Warframe was in Beta for YEARS and eventually it kind of just ended.


Sorry, no idea. I just try to keep the game functioning. :slight_smile: Maybe @Insane_521 can give some insight on that.