Crash to Desktop CTD


Game CTD in lobby…

Restart game

CTD on intro video

Restart game

CTD on connecting to lobby

Restart game, get all the way into a game, CTD while falling to ground from deploy

I can’t take this anymore, the game has been out for like a month now, please fix this x_X
No errors, nothing, game just closes like I hit Alt + F4 or something.

I’m at the uninstall and forget point now, I’ve tried everything


First off, can you give us your hardware specs?


You mean game has been out for a month and this bug was reported in alpha over 6 months ago you really think it will be fixed so soon?

Maybe after couple of months more.


Already have tried. 2K support literally asked me a bunch of questions/info, I sent it all to them, and then they just…left…

That was weeks ago, they just left, not word since lol.

GPU: GeForce GTX 760 2GB (MSI TF/oc)
CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell Quad-Core 3.2GHz
8 GB Ram, 2TB HDD, the rest of the usual stuff. No issues on other games, verified game cache, yadda yadda.


Crashed 16 more times today X_X


And 4 more X_X


Having the same problem. i crashed once to desktop mid game now I cant load it anymore. Also on PC with an extremely good computer.


At least once a day here. Alway’s ingame hard crash to desktop like a Alt F4. Got an error message once, something about the engine, it quickly disappeared as well… It’s pretty game breaking when one in every 8 matches have one player drop out because of this.


Exactly. Yet it never gets bloody fixed, is it even in the current issues thread?


What details would you need to patch this particular issue?


Lol now two of my friends are crashing too, like the record we’ve played without someone CTD during a game is 3 matches so far.


Happened to me 4 times now…
really annoying if we also take a look on the gamefreezes i get as behemothplayer…


Yeah x-x

10 chars


Wassup with this 10 chars all the time. Clearly I missed something :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a term typed in when a forum/board/something has a 10 or similar character limit on messages, so you can just say what you want to say and not have to artificially inflate it in order to post it.


Spent all day crashing.

I messaged support a few weeks ago about it too, they collected a dxgiag and some other info, and then just like…left…never responded even after a few weeks…not very helpful lol.


I give up. Nothing is or will ever be done about this problem for anyone, Devs intentionally ignore it because it’s in all likely hood a hard one to fix, and I just don’t care anymore.

This is the end of my short time in Evolve =(