Crash to dashboard Xbox One


Playing arena mode using W. Maggie, Hyde, Kala, & Val vs Gorgon in broken hill mine. Third fight, everyone except W. Maggie is eliminated and kiting against Gorgon. Gorgon sets off snare as W. Maggie is running by to drop to the lower level. There was then a sudden sound, like an electric shock sound, screen went black, and back at the Xbox One dashboard. Rebooted game to get started again. Has happened more frequently lately.
Hope it’s enough details…


Yeah I have had crash to dashboard problems since day one with this game and still do. I love this game but at this point I just figure I have to get used to this problem.


My PC crashes a lot and says [Hung_Error] But i think that’s me


This happens to me aswell ~.~ it also crashes and brings me back to the evolve menu alot (usually when im playing kala I have noticed)


ive had a few crashes too after the update, dont have the details though…


Just a Xbone bug I assume. It happens to me way too much while playing Solo or with my sister on the other TV. It seems to be a Kraken issue as well, seemingly mine always crashes only when I’m Kraken and nothing else. Nothing can be done about it, I don’t think.


As someone said this is a day one bug supposedly supoosed to be fixed in almost every patch yet … We still see it happen its sad cuz i still love this way


It happens to me a lot while paying with her, as well. And Gorgon, I’ve noticed. Every time I get in a match with Gorgon -




I just experienced the context corruption as well.
I was meteor goliath and i was fighting maggie,hyde,cabot, and caira. I had been waiting for the tyrant buff to heal me up fully when i got ejected from the match and got the bug.


Oh, I know right? Most annoying thing ever.

And I can mention that it has been happening to me a lot more recently, as well.