Crash issue


First of all let me say i love the game but Dev’s i’m disappointed of you!
the game keeps crashing on us DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG,
now we all know you seen this problem posted on this site hundreds of times,
i don’t expect you to give a solution right away but acknowledge it at least!
we are the guys who supported you when you got bullshit from reviewers about DLC,
we are the one who protected you saying how much you cared about the community and now you leave us hanging in the air?1!!!
again i’m disappointed at you.


Same boat, I’ve been playing this since it came out and I’ve kicked out of the game mid match with loss of progress consistently. Happened 3 times so far TODAY.


Since last posting this, I just got kicked yet again.


Same here. So annoying, wast of money ;/ and no help from support for a new game in 3 days…