CPU fan no longer wants to spin



Hi everyone.

So I really need some PC troubleshooting advice. Since a day or two my CPU fan cooler no longer wants to spin. The only method for me to get it to work, is for me to push it until it does it by itself.

At first, I thought it was just because there was a lot of dust. I cleaned the inside of my PC with a dust blower (and boy, there was a lot of dust in there) and that seems to have helped for a day or two.

But then one morning my PC would suddenly shut down a couple of minutes after I had started it up. Confused I tried to figure out what was going wrong and noticed that my CPU fan wasn’t spinning.

So, I looked online and noticed that this could happen if there is a thick layer of dust on the blades. So I went ahead and cleaned all the blades. Still, the issue remains.

Now I’m starting to think it maybe an issue with the fan port on the motherboard, but was wondering if anyone encountered a similar issue like this.

What would the best approach be? I feel like I’ll be forced to buy another CPU cooler, which is kinda sad cause this one is only about a year old.


About a year ago, something similar happened to me. I replaced the magnet inside the fan itself and it started working fine. You could also go get it serviced, if you’re unsure of doing that kind of thing yourself.

I would also recommend looking at the warranty on the item, it may be eligible for free replacement.


You double check the wire connecting to the motherboard?
Have you tried using a different fan header?

First step is to figure out if it’s the fan itself or the motherboard or PSU


That’s basically my next step, to try using a different fan header to see if that helps. I did check the wire connected to the motherboard, unplugged it and put it back, same result.

@TrickshotMcgee You know how much you had to pay to get it serviced? Although I’m a bit afraid to go, only for them to tell me to buy a new one and still have to pay for their ‘service’ >.>


So I checked a PC hardware store chain and what their services cost, here’s a look:


So let’s say they look at it, maybe take it apart then put it back, it would cost me 50 dollars (25 dollars for installation and 25 dollars for thermal paste (!!!))


Find out if it’s the fan, if so buy a new one?


So I tried a different fan header (switched from CPU fan to System fan), same issue.

I’ll try and see now if it’s eligible for a free replacement.

P.S. Tested my stock cooler while my PC was active by plugging it in the other fan header. Low and behold, as soon as it touches the pins it starts spinning. I guess this just confirms it’s the cooler.


must be a myth… a fan not spinning.


Guess it’s time to check if it’s still under warranty then


I paid my local shop about $40 for the benching fee, and additional ~$15 for diagnostic and assembly of new parts. I provided the parts myself, but it was relatively cheap IMO.

But yeah, if it’s only like a year old it should definitely still be under warranty. If not, then you might wanna consider swapping brands.


Why? just buy a new copper fan heatsink thingy…
this is waht i use basically


I need a low-profile fan cooler, so the example you provided me won’t fit as my case isn’t big enough.

If I can get a free replacement and they take care of shipping then I would prefer that before looking into buying another one.