Cowboy Bebop and Evolve


I see a resemblance in the universe in each. A gritty space colony age. Anyone else notice the similarities?


Not enough to write home about. It’s more that they’re both in sci-fi than anything. Honestly I could see more with Blade Runner and Evolve than Bebop, and they’re set differently.


Only really that I like them both a lot.

This. The Evolve world feels a lot like Blade Runner or Alien worlds (or even Borderlands), where corporations have run amok literally across the galaxy, and we’re at the point where they have private armies and can go to war with each other and with governments.


Lot of us are big fans of Cowboy Bebop.


Well, that’s kind of true for the world population too.


I figured there had to be more than a few bebop fans in that office lol.


I don’t see Blade Runner. Blade Runner has a more “Analog Future” vibe. Sorta like Alien. A future that may have come to pass if we missed the digital age and Dieter Rams was worshiped as a god. This has more of a gritty digital age future. Kinda like the pirate hub planet from Guardians Of The Galaxy but not quite so advanced.

Or in other words. Cowboy Bebop.

Also, thank you for not making an “Ed” like character.


Not like it happens in the Blade Runner world, but like it’s based on a future where the focus is that corporations are out of control & all kinds of amoral applications of technology abound - like Tyrell Corporation or Weyland-Yutani, which could easily sit in for EbonStar or Nordita. It would have to be further into the future than Blade Runner and closer to the Alien universe, after space travel & colonization, but if we’re going there the sci-first references become endless. Not saying it can’t apply, just that the reference never sprang to mind, while these did.


I see blade runner in that experts are hunting monsters, and I’m betting that there Monsters have some redeeming factor that’ll come out later, making them less monstrous.


No matter where you go, you will find at least 1 fan of Cowboy Bebop.


Evolve is more like Akira than Cowboy Bebop.

Dat Gren doe…


Aren’t we all?


No one can hate on Cowboy Bebop. I don’t like animes at all, but this one along with Samurai Champloo and Evangelion can’t be hated for one bit.

Following the OP, would it be cool to have more emotionaly deep interactions between hunters like the ones we see in the anime ? Like the one we currently have between Maggie and Daisy, making Maggie cry when her pet goes down ?


It wouldn’t fit with the pace of the game, unfortunately, and the emotional impact wouldn’t be as strong. No time to zoom in on Maggie as she starts to weep, because Goliath is still bearing down on the Medic’s ass.


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