Couple questions about Daisy


Finally have a day off and watching some evolve vids…

  1. If Daisy dies, she can’t be revived?
  2. Does the monster have to kill Daisy too to win?


Daisy acts like another member of the team. As far as I know, yes, she can be revived, and yes, the monster has to kill her to win.

  1. Yes she can be revived. At 3:05
  2. And yes, there are a few videos of it.


Monster doesn’t have to kill her, but if there is an incapped hunter and Daisy is still alive, the match won’t end since she has the potential to revive that character


I really enjoy evolve but they got some tweaking to do. All but one gameplay I saw either the hunters won or the wildlife killed them. sorry if I mispelled tweaking but the monster has no advantages. Hunters have super quick cooldown. Now daisy can fight which is fine but really revive. The monster only has one life while each hunter has 3. I hope there was just bad monster players because this is not fair at all. Oh and the generator they can just camp at.



Actually, from what I remember about previous posts from Rexx, I don’t seem to recall him crying OP, and so far in this thread no one has called OP, I think this is just a legit question. And to answer the questions, yes Daisy can be revived (and she can start the dropship timer if she dies), and no the monster does not have to kill daisy to win, but if she is alive and other hunters are still incapped, then you must either kill her or finish off the incapped hunters


Littlekidriley was talking about OP etc. :slight_smile:


Thank you, missed that post lol. Sorry nmare


@VU_Dores and @Dutch are actually right. Daisy acts like a 5th team member. The Monster always has to kill Daisy in order to win.

It doesn’t happen often that we have 4 dead (not incapped) Hunters and a rogue Daisy running around, but it’s a viable possibility. In that situation, Daisy just tries to avoid the Monster as long as possible to give time for the dropship to arrive.


I guess I never knew this, thanks. Either way, if you manage to kill all 4 hunters, it’s pretty clear which way the match is going


Is it hard to catch her down once she starts running?


Honestly, I haven’t seen it in game, so I’m not totally sure. Maybe @MrStrategio has seen this happen?

As an AI she has a list of priorities that are mainly tracking and reviving people who are incapped. But she also avoids the Monster as much as possible. Since there’s no micro for her, unless a Monster gets really distracted by something, I can’t imagine him not being able to track Daisy down pretty easily. Poor little trapjaw can only run so fast.


Poor little trapjaw is just what I need to Evolve :smiling_imp:


I love the game it’s just the good portion of games were hunters. I did not go waste my time researching to make a point. I don’t know how it will be when it comes out. I based on what I saw I never said this game is bad. And I love turtle rocks ideas so don’t label me. I never played before so I could be wrong but that is what I saw and you can’t change that.


It’s not too difficult to catch her, except for when she climbs around, she can feel squirrely. Though she has enough life and is evasive enough that if you commit to downing her, she can allow a hunter to run away. That is what happened at our first dev match at E3 it you check the Twitch stream, where the monster almost downed the hunter Team at stage 1, but instead of chasing me down, the monster went after Daisy who was going to revive bucket. It’s easier to chase Assault than it is Bucket because of his cloak.

Interesting Fact… early on, she used to run back to the last player alive, and that would lead the monster straight to them. People raged cursing Daisy back then. It’s better that she kind of sticks around where she was last when Maggie died, but tries to run away from the monster.


I was just bugged that day because of everyone crying OP constantly… but now there is a thread for such Nay Sayers:


What annoys me as well is that people base there opinion of the bad gameplay that Gamespot has put on there site. Just look at the E3 tournament gameplay (especially the dev matches) and you see how the game is played.


I can see it now… “Aww Daisy you came back for me! :heart_eyes:” …Heavy footsteps running behind Daisy… "YOU DUMB TRAPJAW! YOU BROUGHT GOLIATH WITH YOU?!! RUN GIRL RUUUUUN!!!’



Or rather: