Couple of nub questions/comments

  1. Is there any way to toggle the nameplates on the hunters so that I only see their role, not their name? I couldn’t care less about seeing “LadiesLoveCoolJames217”, what I want to see is he is the medic so I can smash his face.

  2. Anyone tried using a gamepad (like an xbox one) on the PC version of the game? Any good? Better then keyboard and mouse?

  3. How the hell do I win more often with Goliath? I usually get 2 flame, 1 charge to start. I can usually evade the hunters until stage 2 (I’m a sneaky bastard). But quite honestly when I get to stage 3 with with full health and armor I will still lose like 75% of the time. I don’t pick up rock throw, I max out the other abilities. I find rock throw takes to long to use/aim and is more of a pain. I suppose that is because I’m using a controller?

  4. WTF is up with the queue system? Don’t tell me I’m going to be assault class when that is my last pick. I need an option to say which classes I’m willing to play and that’s it. If I only want the monster and medic, then that should be fine. I’m willing to wait for a game in order for that to happen.

  5. Wraith seems way OP atm. If the hunters work as a group and if the hunters all know their role and if hunters all have the power-ups they should have and if the hunters get lucky then they might bring down a wraith like 25% of the time. I actually killed a wraith last night for the first time, it was stage 2 and pretty much useless. Obviously the person playing had just unlocked it.

  6. Is there any functionality for downloading and replaying a match? Very useful to learn tactics and strategies on how to play and figure out where you went wrong.

  7. Krakken seems very hard to play. Especially in the Avery, I mean seriously that is just ridiculously hard work.


1: As of right now, there’s no way to change this up mate.

2: I have. It feels better for monster play, but not so much for the hunters. This is due to the fact that they require precision aiming while the monster doesn’t. At the end of the day I just end up using mouse + keyboard 'cause my role’s always hopping between hunters/monster in matches.

3: While you can definitely take down a group of hunters with what you have, DO NOT underestimate rock throw. I find that it has the greatest burst capabilities besides leap smash, and it has a bigger range than you think. In general though, rock throw or not :stuck_out_tongue: , you should try to pick some fights in areas which give you the advantage as Goliath (enclosed areas, caves, etc) while at stage 2. Getting strikes on hunters is going to make your life all the more easier, and they’ll want to fight you while you’re at stage 2. Once you hit stage 3 though, they’ll just setup at the Relay and your chances can be much more difficult if you didn’t get any strikes on them previously. Experiment and see what works for you.

4: I can’t help you out on this part, it’s just luck of the draw I find. Sometimes you’ll get your class, sometimes you won’t. This is why I’ve chosen to get experienced with all characters/classes so that I’m comfy with whatever the system gives me.

5: Wraith isn’t really OP in her general abilities, but what everyone identifies her as being OP is the fact that she can get out of domes so easily. It isn’t impossible to dome her though, your team just needs to try out some new tactics. Things such as cloaking your trapper and then going in for a dome. If all else fails, you can just setup at the Relay so you don’t waste 15 minutes running in a circle. The less strikes you have against Wraith, the more likely you’ll be able to kill her. There’s plenty of topics and strategies littered on the forums, just search for it :stuck_out_tongue:

6: Outside of the little map replay we get, no. Maybe a feature for full on replays will become available in the future? I’d hope so.

7: I wouldn’t say that Kraken’s hard to play, he just may not be the type of monster which suits your tastes. Aviary is a very strong map for Kraken, you may have just had some bad luck while playing on there :<


For number 6 the only thing similar to what you want is solo play or custom matches with friends so you can test the team setup against any monster. Although the AI will be very different from actual players most of the time.


For number one, it takes some paying attention to, and would be easier if it just said “Medic”, but their names are color coded to identify which hunter they are. Assault’s name will show up Red, Medic is kind of bright green, Support is yellow, and Trapper is a darker green.


Yeah, but it can be pretty hard to see and you have to have them in your targeting reticle for the colour to show up?

Id rather just have the option of an icon that hovers over their heads even if they are not directly in front of me.