Couple Changes / Improvements

  1. Energy Relay could could be taken down a little bit as it seems to take a little bit too long to destroy, so far i haven’t seen it be destroyed in a single match yet.

  2. Monsters should be able to knock people out of the air in they are on their jet packs, on top of this the jet packs should be disable to x amount of seconds.

  3. Hunters being able to Evolve, now not in looks but in weapon damage, they will still have to put up a a decent fight if they are to come up against a level 3 monster but right now its a bit too hard. The way you could implement this is by have the hunters kill the wildlife in the area, now this would be a two fold effect as it would be killing off food for the monster as well as this it would also earn the hunters XP to gain stronger weapons.

If anything else pops up i will add it to this topic.


Thanks for the feedback!

  1. In regards to the Power Relay, you should watch this video @GrizzleMarine made about it.
    The relay is actually extremely weak if there are no Hunters within about 80 meters, but it gets shielded and is harder to destroy the more Hunters that are close to it.

2. I also have been knocked out of the air by a Gorgon who chased me up in the air. Not sure if it put my jetpack on cooldown or not though.

3. By the time the Monster is Stage 3 (if they make it that far), you should have already had a few encounters in the Dome and done at least a good chunk of permanent health damage.

Right now you can find the Elite Wildlife Buffs on the map though. They spawn in specific places on the map around the 8 minute marker, and offer either Damage Increase if you kill the sloth or Damage Reduction if you kill the armadon. Not every map has both, or the same buff though.

Keep 'em coming though! All suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


The relay becomes weaker when you kill or stave off the hunters within a 30m radius of it, as I recall.

And I think that second point already happens.


It’s not meant to be destroyed when the Hunters are around. It’s meant to be there as a side-objective if the Hunters are trying to avoid a fight/trying to fight somewhere else.

Monsters can knock people out of the air and disabling jetpacks is too strong for Monsters. Hunters need that mobility to survive.

This is far too much effort since it would require a whole new dynamic to the game. Additionally the purpose of the game is that Monsters Evolve to become stronger, Hunters stay the same and hunt the Monster.

The Monster starts weaker and gets stronger (how it used to be anyways).

I personally don’t like the ideas but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad ideas. I like your creativity though!


It still is that way, is it not? Stage one is stronger but the leap from Stage one to Stage two is still very noticeable. And even for Stage three, a further two points is nothing to sneeze at. In my limited experience, anyway.


Personally I don’t notice really any difference in stages. However I haven’t played many teams that are my level so I wouldn’t know.