Counterplay: Learning to Deal With Carion Birds


So tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to play with gentlemansquirrel and his team. As a monster player, this is the challenge that I had been dreaming of. It was incredibly humbling, and while the time I had was short, I at least learned a few things that I desperately need to work on.

The first and most important was stealth play versus open combat.

The idea of fighting a coordinated team at stage one, I’ve learned, is completely out of the question. Absolutely no possibility of coming out on top without a strong elite perk on your side. This leaves your only option as stealth. However stealth is countered by overly frequent carrion birds that allow coordinated hunters the ability to fan out and squeeze in on your position.

What do we think is the best way to counter this? Immediately leave the area and abandon your food? Do we stealth away or run? And how do you get away against experienced hunters that bush check and are less prone to overlooking the giant glowing monster?

I’ve thought about only eating in caves, but some maps just lack caves that are populated with decent food sources.

What do you guys think? Because right now I’m thoroughly stumped.


Feeding speed and gtfo. Working on a feeding build that focuses on moving hunting, quick feed and move on.

Goaliath, my main man goes 2 flame 1 charge, feeding speed. That or leap, fire, charge, because leap is very quick to kill critters when landed perfectly.

I think feeding is the best overall perk for speed. Because feeding is something that you must constantly do to win, it is time consuming and when you need a quick feed under pressure you really need it.

Fire breath doesn’t slow you and is more forgiving than leap smash which can be brutal to miss. Charge works very well.

A good combo to take down large monsters is rock throw, leap, charge and one claw hit. Takes down the big critters in exactly that amount of moves and feeding on the big buys is important in the mid and late game.

Essentially don’t deal with them. Accept that they will come, feed quickly and move in a strait line away from the hunters to the next kill.

Vs a high level group stealthing away from the hunters avoiding the dome even if they hear your direction of escape is good enough.


I trigger another set of birds faking a route and sneaking the other way.


Eat inside of caves. It prevents carrion birds. If you know that you’ve eaten 7 or 8 corpses and haven’t gotten any your time is coming.