Countering jack's repulsor


I just need some tips. I usually play as all monsters and I just want to see if I can scrounge up some ideas and knowledge on how to find a loop within that device. I know that certain abilities can go through it and damage jack through the field, but I want to know more than just that.

Please refrain from calling jack OP/broken or UP, thank you!


Well, the main thing is to fight fire with fire (in a form).
Instinctively a monster that is repulsed will save their traversal stamina and abilities to not “waste” them on the field.
But what one need to remember is that a good Jack will use the limited capacity of the repulsor to save an injured or stunlocked teammate, rather than to harass you all the time like the other trappers do.
So at the cost of having free reign to move all over the place 90% of the time, you should not hesitate to burn all your traversal into the field the 10% of the time he is actually using it.

It’s also important to remember that abilities that is blocked by the repulsor also drain the repulsor by a heavy amount, so let’s say you are Goliath with charge, don’t be afraid of burning the ability and a traversal to near instantly break the field.
Yes, you paid a price and “wasted” an ability, but now the repulsor is empty and there is no CC in the way for you to finish of the target.

Jack should only be able to stop 1 ability/traversal

So basically take advantage of the limited capacity it already has, and just burn through it? Okay, that’s a start.
And maybe a flame breath and a rock throw to compliment it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How about for behemoth? :o


Yeah, that works too, especially to finish a wounded hunter when Jack tries to block your other attacks.

Behemoth is a tricky one. At the cost of none of your abilities are affected by CC, you have no fast way of emptying the repulsor. My only advice is to move away from Jack when you are trying to escape, which can be hard if you are backed against a wall.
Also, beware of gut shots from Jack. His guns are very accurate and deal decent damage. As Jack I love to go for gut shots whenever I can.


Yeah, what @MrTalha says really. A good Jack won’t use their CC on you just because they can, it’ll be to give a focused target a bit of breathing room, or to block a specific ability attack from landing (much like Griffin harpooning a leapsmash). When it happens you have a choice to just abandon and go a different way, or use the capacity up so that you don’t have anything stopping you from committing to what you were.

I’d add that the important thing is that once you’ve broken Jack’s CC, since he can use it again with partial charge, is to use that moment to get good positioning. Try to bat the hunter you’re fighting away from Jack so you’re in between Jack and that hunter. This is much harder with Sunny on the team, however I’d argue that your first focus should almost always be Sunny if Jack is on the team against you.


For Behemoth, you quite possibly just want to attack him until he stops repulsoring you.

I find tongue grab, followed by perhaps a rock wall, or a fissure to roll to heavy normally do the trick at stopping him trying to bother me, and worrying more about trying to escape the situation alive.

As @MrTalha pointed out, Behemoth has no abilities which Jack can stop, but at the same time, he has a really rough time at trying to get to a certain area, as the roll does not burn through the repulsor capacity very quickly.

Landing Tongue grabs at such a time are vital, and if you follow up with a rock wall to break LOS with Jack, he won’t be stopping you focus on the medic you just yoinked towards you.

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So basically setting up walls in front of jack so he has to switch up positioning?
That seems legit, the only thing that might counter that is if the hunters have the height advantage…


Not quite. When the hunters are in range, you can tongue grab one of them in, rock wall up, and then it’s just you and them.
If that hunter happens to be Jack, then the good news is, I don’t believe that the repulsor works vs sneak pounce :smiley:

Perhaps… The problem is, it takes too damn long to roll through it, so it’s much better to bring the person to you, while you don’t have to move, thus rendering the repulsor glove inconsequential.

That or remembering that fissure and lava bomb have pretty decent ranges :wink:


I just consistently move from side to side, that way it either stops, or slows only a tiny bit.


As Goliath you can use traversals and charge to break through. I usually pick the stamina perk if I think I face Jack.
You can pounce through too and it doesn’t matter if you succed with the pounce. Those ~10m from the pounce are the way to cover the distance

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If Jack is stupid enough to leave the beam on you as Gol or Wraith, burn through it with traversals, so that it won’t affect your abilitys for the next few seconds!


Every monster except for Wraith has abilities that the repulsor doesnt stop, use them to stop Jack temporarily. As for Wraith, your traversals are great for burning straight through the repulsor.


Decoy isn’t hindered by the Repulsor, is it?

Also, as others have said, just burn traversals into it. You can tank the whole thing really fast.


I think it is. There teally isnt a reason for it not to work on a decoy.


And it gets worse, they’ve made it easier to use. Jack will barely have to look at the monster for it to lock on now. I was really hoping they would make it a little more skillful.