Countering Hunters who Run the Clock in a Dome?

So being more warry of dome size, looks like I just have to read up on Dome stats. Do you have any links?

EDIT: The wiki doesn’t give much for numbers unfortunately.


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A good thing to do, something I haven’t yet but I intend to do for myself, is to go into training hunt and dome a monster and take a screen grab of the minimap, see what it covers, if it would be a better dome as a hunter/monster nearby rather than where it was thrown.

As a monster you control your fate since the dome opens above your location directly, centred on that location, use that to your advantage! A lot of people try to make sure they’re away from areas with mid-height rocks that hunters can roach around, and try to hug a big pillar so they have something to both mitigate around as a monster, and draw hunters out of LoS from one another around.

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I don’t know if this will help you but you could always try baiting out the dome in areas favourable to you. What I do is engage in areas where there is a high chance of creature spawns as well as a way to mitigate damage. I initiate the fight losing about a bar or 2 of armour and then attempt to “flee” which usually prompts the hunters to throw the dome.

Another thing you could try is fighting on the go. Sometimes it can be really hard to down anyone in a dome against a good team. However, once the dome drops they’ll almost certainly be eager to get more damage, even at the cost of formation. Get out of line of sight, get some armour back and re-engage on hunters who are fanning out too much.


You want to fight in caves but hunters not cooperating? Try to down them out of caves. When armor is almost gone, go back into caves to channel armor. They follow you into caves too? You got them right where you want them!

Think of it less as them not fighting and more them giving you 5 minutes to get a down.


This is a situation I’ve recently faced myself, like some of the others mention. Fighting them until you’re armor is low/gone then run into the cave, they will likely want to follow you in there with you to do health damage.
When they follow you, you can use it to punish them as they follow you in. Separate some of them using your abilities, then you can mess them up real good.

But sometimes you get put into a bad dome, either due to you not paying attention to their position and they cut you off or they have a Sunny/Parnell combo where they harass you constantly. I got rekted hard last night where I got put into a dome with no where to rechannel my armor and the medic and support was shielding and healing through the dome.
In these situation its better to just lose some health depending on how much you can sacrifice, save all your traversals and go into a corner and let them take your health down taking the dome down with you.


As a Goliath I always fight in the caves too. But most of the time its just to get them into em. Like the far right part (Facing caves) where the venom hounds spawn, around there is my dedicated fighting ground.

I simply wait for them to get close and force an engage (Hide behind pillar, lone hunter splits cause pincer strat amirite and just pounce em).

So far doing this has always gotten me one free down-penalty.

As for you, you’re gonna need to fight them. Thats the only counter to this really. I do this too when the monster doesnt want to fight, just kill the clock cause its going to hurt him, not us.

Abduction is useless…

I dont like the ability but abduction can be useful in such scenario, to break the team formation.

I find being able to reposition a downed hunter to be a pretty invaluable utility, not to mention pulling hunters down from their obnoxious tinkerbell strats, up into the air, or out of LoS of healer or support. Maybe just my playstyle but I always take 1 in abduct at stage 2 for the utility mentioned.

Did you know that when you use abduction the player still gets healed. It takes abduction like 5 seconds from cast to finish has well. You take damage from people while doing it too. You really get no reward for using it has the opening attack on a rotation too.

You start the battle using abduction on a hunter. Hunter just uses jet pack dodge back towards the group. Game over. A wasted move that really didn’t do anything for you. Warp Blast is even more of a joke. I use Warp Blast to kill trash mobs for feeding lol.

Doesn’t the match timer stop during Domes?

No, only during the last two minutes of the match, or sudden death.

Thank you! This is the type of solution I was looking for.

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As someone who mostly plays hunter I’m going to talk to my team to get the stop hurting monster and play defensively. Monster punishes mistakes too heavily in this version of the game for me to ever fight fair and square against monster anymore. If they hadn’t taken my cloak skill and weakened some other things I 'd be more than happy to fight you on your terms. As it stands which ever side has map dome advantage really has to abuse it in order to win.

Then again I could just pick Cabot and continue to poke you in dome from safety if you don’t wanna fight.

They changed that, once the 5-minute timer shows up any damage from the Monster or to the Monster stops the clock as long as the 5-minute timer is on-screen.*

Do you have a source for that?

I’ll go looking, will tag you in edit after I find what i’m after.

@Terry_Locke Found it, it was in the patch notes of the release of Stage 2. Here’s the quote. When they changed the timer so that it shows 5 minutes, I would guarantee they updated that it stops at 5 minutes as well.

Continuing the discussion from Evolve: Stage 2 Release Notes 2.00 (PC Only):

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If they changed that, it would make the entire point of the new domes pretty irrelevant. So I am hoping they didn’t.

Once the round timer appears I believe it can be paused through combat action. This means the first 8 minutes will pass regardless, but fights after this point will delay the end of the match. The end result is I believe most matches I play last between 11 and 18 minutes in real time

They didn’t want to follow a Wraith into caves on Weather Control. That’s not really something that can be countered, nor should it even be counterable. It’s just being…Not dumb, I guess?

I mean, if a monster wishes to waste his own time by trying to cheese or lure us into caves when we’re not stupid enough to bite, it’s his downfall.

The monster should probably at least attempt to fight, and if fighting won’t grant him a down it’s either because the player’s outmatched, or because the game is unbalanced.

Wraith’s not too good against premades at any rate.