Countering Hank and Val ideas?


I hate being the “no fun wraith” so i come out at stage 2 and rile them up a bit. but i find this allmost imposible with a hank-val team. forcing me to get stage 3 and have everyone say “its not fun to chase the dude the entire game just to have it kill us at the end” any ideas? whats best for geting them separted becasue i try abduct but they just boost back.


Focus Hank hard. Even if he cloaks, keep swinging and don’t give him the chance to get away. A good Hank can very much ruin your chances of winning. Val and heal all she wants but you’ll be able to down him eventually, then focus on Val. I don’t play a lot of Wraith so my advice may not be as useful as somebody like Plaff’s or shredder’s.


Kill Hank, game over.


Make 1- 2 strikes on Hank

Early engagement on stage 2

Don’t over commit

You win


A good Abduction to break line of sight, Warp Blast and possibly a pounce right after; pounce followed up by Warp Blast if it works out better that way.

As for Wraith not being fun… That’s what you get when you’re running a handicapped monster. She’s not in a ideal position right now.


What build do you go with, how long have you been playing as Wraith, and do you have any vids of your gameplay?

Like everyone has said though, Hank is the anchor of the team when he is in the mix. You want to make him your main target, get him to pop his cloak, use his barrage, etc. then let him have it while all of that is on cooldown. You get some strikes on him early on and it makes the later part of the game easier–kill Hank and it’s usually good game.


@LordOfZiron Isn’t it the hunters job to chase you until they kill you? Why is running frowned upon? I understand you are strong enough at Stage 2 to attack and win, but if you run, so? Theres so many ways to trap you I dont get how its wrong.


i have been playing as wraith sense the big beta, and i am a gold elite, i can allways win at stage 3, but like i said everyone hates that because its boring, but its extreamly hard to do so if hank is there. as much as i wish that i could get hank down without taking massive dmg. and i dont have any recording crap so, my build at stage one is 2 decoy 1 abduct, stage 2 is 2 decoy 2 abduct and 2 supernova then stage 3 as you could have guessed is 2 wb 2 abduct 3 supernova 2 decoy.


because wraith is speacal in that its extreamly easy to slip through their fingers

edit: and is also super easy to get to s-3
(unless daisy is there)


btw i think your confused. its the other way arround. the no fun wraith is stage one - three in the first 2 mins then slaughtering everyone and winning is not fun for the Hunters. but yea i do abduct hank but the dome restricts my abilty to carry him too far off


@LordOfZiron I hear ya, I just thought it was a Hunters job to…err, well…hunt?


Yea XD :bulb: