Counter for Kraken?

Short Version: What is best assault to counter Kraken?

Long Version: In recent match a Abe trapper could not CC Kraken properly which meant that the Kraken was flying around all over the place giving my Markov a bad time. I got 15k with lightning gun, not sure if that is good at all but it was not enough and the team blamed me when the monster outplayed everyone. Is there an assault that can punish a Kraken flying around avoiding confrontation using hit and run yet free of CC? Can anyone share how to properly use this assault?

Probably Renegabe.

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Parnell or Lennox

Parnell has two weapons that can deal with banshee mines and Kraken.

Lennox you just Autocannon the whole way and the capacity is so high you can just deal with mines as they come out.

I play Kraken at times and I find parnell worst if the trapper is bad but Lennox can be a tough one too.
Good trappers mean blitz can get good damage in but it takes a good bit of work to keep close enough.
I find that a trapper with stasis really cripples Kraken more than anything because it’s already slow and one is out the air there’s always heavy damage done.

Coming from a kraken player, i say the best assualt against it is renegabe, as his constant DoTs means that i never get a moments rest, and the krakens lack of escape means those DoTs could potentially be on forever

However then comes the issue that renegabe can’t put pressure on if I’m focusing, and might have difficulty with banshee mines

just get the medic to take Q Caira - bye bye banshee mines :smiley:

If it uses hit and run, it likely won’t down anyone, unless hunters team plays really terribly.

Best counter to Kraken is Perseus :grin:

Renegabe.Kraken tends to be flying all the time so it’s hard going out of sight completely,which means you can constantly be on its ass and spam poison on it

I run quickswitch and 2 poison perks for the extra rage.One dart + a left click = half a bar lel

You are correct, but sadly in quick play this is a frequent issue


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As a Kraken, Markov and Rabe should be great assaults against him. Markov is a bit more bursty than Rabe but only has the LG and AR to damage the monster, meanwhile Rabe has 3 kits that work all effectively against Kraken.
Rabe is also the strongest chase assault at the moment (rivalling Parnell), meanwhile Kraken is the weakest monster in terms of distance traversing. This makes Rabe a very strong and punishing assault against the tentacled face beast.

All trappers are viable against Kraken. Jack may suffer in terms of CC but he makes up for it with the SS and accurate and moderately damaging dual pistols.
Maggie might suffer a bit due to the weird inconsistent ceiling Kraken has right now. But if she puts the traps right under or behind kraken on ledges she should do very well controlling the Kraken and the banshee mines.

Yeah, you instantly leave match.

I do the same thing to tinkerwhoring Slim/Papa-Hank Knox comps. 11/10 best counter.


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Renegade is brutal against Kraken; but Markov and Lennox are good too. Lennox, if she can land her shots, can handle mines as they come and do some decent damage, with Thunder Strikes on Aftershock.

Markov’s just never a bad idea. LG is good for mines and is basically constant consistent damage against Kraken, which is great. Plus the AR cycles with it on the Reload and can be used for critshots too.

Some people say Hyde and Parnell can work and I suppose that’s true, but they’re not as good as those three.

Blitz Markov might work, I’ve never tried it much myself, but perhaps there’s some merit to it.

Torvald can stand under him and fire mortars which works surprisingly well. :stuck_out_tongue: But his shotgun’s bad against Kraken.


I find that the best assaults for Kraken would be Renegabe or Lennox,

Renegabe can just rain dots on Kraken. It doesn’t matter if the shotgun doesn’t hit fully, just one pellet and full dots comes to him. He is also strong at the post dome chase so be sure to punish Kraken hard for that. The downside is Rabe for me is pretty meh against other monsters. You need a damn good team comp with little to no half brained players to ensure that you do well against the other monsters.

Lennox is a safer pick. He autocannon deals wonders against Kraken. Other players think Lennox is weak against Kraken but its the opposite. Autocannon is enough for damage while the squid is in the air. If the squid lands or you caught it trying to evolve a single 3 and a couple of 1’s is enough to tear its armor off.

There are probably other assaults that can work but I only have experience with these 2 against Kraken. Playing as Kraken though I can confirm that Pranell is a pain in the ass to deal with.

---------------------------- Non Assault Counter ------------------------------

Another good way to counter Kraken is if your team has a hunter with an smg/assault rifle as a weapon like Griffin, Maggie, Hank etc. What that hunter will be focusing on is destroying mines. Destroying mines will be a major hit on Kraken’s damage and he wont be able to down anyone since Snowballs can easily be healed and Vortex/LS wont be enough to actually kill anyone. Problem is if you can actually talk anyone in pugs to shoot mines. Every time I play against Kraken I’m the only one who bothers shooting the damned things even if I’m assault. Problem is, who will shoot the squid?

I’d say renegabe, since kraken/Kelder post-dome is the weakest at getting away, and your dart + shotgun can be used long range.

Renegabe and Abe combo hurts Kraken bad
Cabot or kala aswell because of the damage increase, I find kala worst as Kraken is too easy to catch at stage one and really really struggles on post dome chase.
Tech hank Shields can pretty much brake Krakens initial burst which if that fails puts the monster at a disadvantage from the go.
I play Kraken and this is what I struggle with
Mines are by far the most important thing to protect against if you do this right, the Kraken will fall.

That range on his lightning gun means you will be able to get far more consistent damage in than Lennox.
And Renegabe might be good on the chase, albeit you are able to get through Kraken’s armor first so you need to rely on your team more to pull it off (since his potty damage won’t be too high)