Countdown to TU9? TRS Livestream [Thursday 7th, 9am PST]


Checked out and there’s a countdown timer with less than 2 days on it! What do you guys think, is it TU9?

The countdown ends Thursday at 11am for me and I’m central US time, which would be 9am for TRS.

In-game newsfeed image [submitted by @Aramet]


Kind of coincides with a tweet from Cory from not too long ago…

Are you ready to #StageUp?

Um WTF is this?
Well,every outsider its assuming F2P
Outsiders reactions to the timer
Outsiders reactions to the timer
Huge Summer Update?
Let's start this one off with a tease, shall we? - The Shared Dome
Tu9 update
Tu9 countdown
Is this countdown for the update legit?

Yes! The hype intensifies!

Even Bob is happy!!


Countdown? where?




I think the timer is for TRS and shows when TRS employees are free and no longer need to work to death on TU9.

2 more days till TRS is free from the curse!


Runs around the room sreaming like a banshee mine



Omg the hype is real


Evolve is reaching Stage 4! Kappa


Hype intensifying!!!




Or is it… Stage 4 reaching Evolve?


Do you think it’s too early to celebrate? I don’t think so.


What is it!!??? aaahhhh I must knoooowww.


Who bets @LadieAuPair made another gif but then @Insane_521 will be a heartless bastard and ignore it once again.
(just kidding mostly)




You cruel bastards


Somebody who knos something, get in here an give us the answer to this secret something that somebody found an lay the foundation for this cloud of chaotic hype forming amongst your loyal, deserving, people!!!