Couldn't Destroy Relay


So, my Goliath was at stage 3, 3 hunters were dead, couldn’t find the 4th and there was a good amount of time until the drop ship would arrive,

I was at full armour, so I thought okay, let’s destroy the relay. I started beating it and it was down to 30% already when all the hunters arrived back.

I kept beating the relay and didn’t bother with the hunters shooting at me. The relay health bar reached 0 % and I kept beating it a bit more just to be sure.

Then I died a terrible death because the relay wouldn’t explode. Why?


You can’t attack the generator if they are shooting you. It’s like pounce attacks, you can’t do it while under fire. It might have been at a sliver of health and you just couldn’t get the last hit in.


Thank you, will keep it in mind :wink: