Couldn't allocate specular probe texture atlas help?


So i bought this game 40 aus dollars downloaded it got excited opened it up then turn back off saying CryEngine Error - Couldn’t allocate specular probe texture atlas - Help? Im not a big person on pc dont really know my stuff just annoying all i wanted to do is play this game getting a refund if theirs no help


@MajorLeeHyper, @ArPharazon, @GentlemanSquirl

Tagged some Devs to help you. Don’t say that you’re going to drop the game if you don’t get help thinking that people are gonna try to help you more than you would if you hadn’t.


@Jesse_Rebbechi Is your GPU DX11 compatible?

Edit: Found a thread similar to your problem. Could well indeed be a problem with DX11 Compatibility.


Agreed with TW’s post, probably the GPU that’s in use won’t support the game. Can you post some system specs?

Also, are you running the game on a laptop? Some laptops (notably ASUS) have two graphics cards: integrated graphics, and an Nvidia card. Sometimes you need to instruct the system which card to use with Evolve.


How do u instruct the system do use one card


On my laptop, I would use the Nvidia control panel. The option may not be there for desktops.