Could you please increase behemoths attack speed


I just played a team as behemoth against laz, torvald, hank, and crow and I got torvald down and kept hitting him but then laz comes right up in between hits and rezzes torvald and nothing I did stopped him, this happened 5 times and then I lost. I also tried rolling to stop the laz device but it just rolled around them


Try using abilities like lava bomb to hurt laz and kill laz. Tongue grab him when you hear the noise, sure he may Rez who you have down but use that as bait for killing laz


But what about when they’re all on cool down and some of his abilities take a while to activate


Combo your hits, roll into them then do heavy attack, then fissure and wait for laz to pop his bald head out and just take him out, I’m assuming your decent monster so killing laz shouldn’t be hard once you got him in your sights


I told you everytime I rolled around them and that rolling melee is so cheap I actualy like my wins to be because of my abilities not some spamable heavy attack