Could you guys fix evolve to show recent players you played with on the "view players" tab on the steam overlay?


so,i just pubing solo when i ended up teaming with great randoms! we played well,everyone had a mic, we talked, we coordinated it was fun! we wanted to add each other.

i tried to see if the steam overlay would track the players i played with, but it didint.

could you guys fix this?


It was like that for a majority of the game’s life. I don’t remember if it was ever fixed or not.

It stinks playing with a nice PUG but not being able to add them.


This is, and has always been, one of my biggest complaints about the game. The integration to Steam is lacking. There’s another thread that complains about the use of tab as a hotkey on the menu screen, which interferes with accessing the Steam overlay by pulling up the “role preference” screen. But this… being unable to add players you just played with… that’s a pretty big buzzkill, and makes the community feel really small sometimes when you can’t find the people you just played with. It also doesn’t seem like “Player Options” is always available throughout the game, only during loading before the round begins? Which compounds the problem.

I think this is definitely an area TRS should devote some time to fixing. This has been a problem for way too long. The only time I ever remember it actually working was the beta, if my memory serves me right.


TRS has stated in the past that this is not something that can be fixed. The only way to have that work would be to actually use Steam’s servers for multiplayer, and Evolve uses another provider for the servers.


You can very quickly add them now by opening the Player Options menu. There are two options for each player in the match: Mute/Unmute and View Steam Profile… Viewing their profile allows you to find them on steam quickly for that convenient Friend Request :smiley: