Could you calm my paranoia?


I am rather sorry to post it here, but lately i was heard of several bans coming towards a presumed inocent users. I’m kinda paranoid and trying to cure it going to the doctor, but i can’t help myself and fear for my account too. I am never even meet a cheater in Evolve Stage 2, never used any of third party software touching the game or steam and my account is fine, but my mental state is driving me crazy. I’m really want to know if this problem is just temporary. It sounds stupid, but i just want to hear developers is working to solve this problem. I really love this game and put a 200 hours in it within a 2-3 weeks of playing.
P.S. You can call me dumb.


If you did nothing wrong you will very probably not be banned.
Every game that gets ban wave have these’innocent’ posts.
After overwatch baning of aimbots there were hundreds of them,all lies ofcourse.

In trove after fish-bot ban wave
again hundreds…

In survarium after wallhack+aimbot wave
again tents of posts

all proven to be real cheaters and people breaking tos.

Also notice those threads’friend of my friend got baned but he much innocent’

why would u go deffend friend of friend on forum

I do not say 100% errors in bans never happen.I just do not see enought data to call anyone innocent considering how little cheaters are there after this banning.


I can see how some of them aren’t as innocent as it looks, but i really afraid of my account and I think meeting a cheater isn’t a best thing. Especially of it costs you an account. So my paranoid mind keeps me boiled up.


Well feels like you have guilty consience . Do you want to share more with us? If not then I guarantee your safety :^)


Absolutly not, i’m just fucked up in the head so i fear people in the streets, i fear alot of things and my brain always thinks of the worst things that could happen to me.


I’m coming for you.


Well it’s quite hard to live a life under that condition for me, games usually helps me cool off.


I have same problem,i do not even leave home if I do not have to but i still think about war,flood,fire etc that could get me there kek

workout in my gym calms me down every time,try it.It releases those nice chemicals in your brain.


I will defenetly try to go to the gym. Thanks alot for advice.


Just because you were in a game with a cheater does not mean that you will be banned, even if something was reported against you, no matter what is said on these forums, reddit, Steam, etc.

As long as you have nothing on your PC installed that is used to cheat the game, you should be perfectly fine :slight_smile:

I know that this isn’t as reassuring as a response from the Devs, but I hope it helps!


It helps quite a bit. Thanks alot.


Does using Cheat engine for Undertale count? Because…I may have used Cheat Engine for Undertale…


That would be a questions for the devs working on the anti-cheats like @ArPharazon.
I’m not sure how it works, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and not risk it.

Although, the devs have been fairly quiet about hackers and such in general, and in my experience when they’re silent for a while they don’t usually comment until there’s an official announcement.


Which makes sense, giving away every movement they make against hackers to hackers would allow them to up their game and no one wants that. Except hackers.


Yes cheat engine counts. You can actually run many scripts thru cheat engine to modify evolve because It is for some reason client sided.

It is first time I see game with dedicated servers to trust clients this much .

Also shame on you! for using it in undertale.
Red Hooded girl should cut you open.


Undertale, not Undertale Red. :stuck_out_tongue: And I was going fine until the end of Genocide then I fucking gave up because what the actual hell.


Dont worry,anti cheats dont check if you played with a cheater ,especially if it was not a party.They look for logically impossible stats or scan for external programs


See now that’s frightening, because what if you’re a hunter on a team with a hacker who has a hack that kills the Monster as soon as the “10 seconds eating the first corpse cutscene” is finished playing, and by “on a team” I mean you played 200~ Bot matches during the weekend, queue’d solo, and at least 4 of them ended like this?


I mean, unless someone manages to fabricate evidence against you, you probably won’t be banned.


As far as I’m aware, the hack that’s going around with the whole “1 shot monster” thing is the guy getting out of the dropship before the monster is out of his cutscene, so the monster should be able to see said hunter and report that specific hunter and their steam ID. So, boom. Nothing to worry about. The monster can report all 4 sure, but only the hacker in question is gonna get banned, I mean… the other 3 arent using the hacks, so why the hell should they get punished?

inb4 “I AM AN INNOCENT PLAYER AND I GOT BANNED” people jump on me for my theory/logic.