Could wraith double as aquatic monster


So we all know the wraith, but could she be an aquatic animal if on planet earth?

She OBVIOUSLY loves the aquarium she is in on the Wraith (trap) Home map.


This is a light hearted thread so no insane scientific reasoning…lol


I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to breathe, however she doesn’t seem suited for aquatic locomotion. She hovers over the ground, yes, but can she swim? Those tentacles, scythes and thin arms do not appear suited to the task. She’d be stuck at the bottom of the ocean.


However she is very snake like in her movement, not saying deep water, more of a touch beneath the surface like a python of sorts…

She could also use the scythe to pull her through, propulsion like


Short answer: Highly unlikely.

There are several problems with Wraith sustaining an aquatic lifestyle, which I’ll try to elaborate without insanely complicated science nonsense (per request).

  • The Obvious: Look what happens to her when you run her through a pond on the planet Shear. She rears upright to keep her head above water and slows to an absolute crawl. Doesn’t seem like she’s overly fond of the “through the river” mode of transport.

  • An aquatic critter would need longer tentacles to move efficiently in water (look up a picture of an eel - long, but very streamlined).

  • Wraith’s hunting apparatuses (scythes and claws) would lend themselves very poorly to underwater hunting.

  • @MidnightRoses adequately pointed out that she doesn’t seem to need to breathe, but if she were intended for aquatic life of any sort I would expect to see some sort of gills, or other way to oxygenate while underwater.


No, that wouldn’t work, look at the sh-

-…Yes, she would be an excellent sea creature because she’s fat and whales are fat and she’s a whale now the end.


I once his from the Hunters in a puddle as Wraith. They walked on top of me.


They need to do this so monsters are visible while in the water. I don’t know if it has any basis in what landscapes monsters are capable of traversing in.


Yeah…there’s that. Though I’d be totally happy if the hunters never saw my pretty wraith tail again. Then I’d be an aquatic wraith, lol. :wink:


@cresentempress I can see you starting to understand the concept…lol

@midnightroses the idea behind the scythe is that to grip, you’d get more stability diging them in to the muck of the sea bed. Rather than using her claws. Think like digging an ice pick into the ice, this creates stability and on a horizontal plane, possibly speed.


I could see someone redrawing wraith as a fish, that would be sweet, but how she is no, certainly not a fish XP


What? Sky Wraith is evolving!

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Congratulations! Your Sky Wraith evolved into Sea Wraith!


Then it loses all four moves and gets Splash.


Brb dying of laughter


Well you certainly aren’t dying of Splash now are you? Most useless move ever.




I’ll kill you later, a few more levels and I’ll have GyraWraith which won’t be as useless.




Oh my God, Midnight…you’re killing me. :laughing:


lol, frick’n amazing midnight. Frick’n amazing.


Well she does have a clownfish skin…