Could we remove the penalty for leaving a match you join in progress?


90% of the games I join are in progress. These games have room because most likely someone rage quit, usually for a good reason. I’m tired of joining a game and having to spectate because 3/4 of the team is dead while a wraith hunts down the last guy.

And the handful of times I join in as the monster it’s something stupid like this.!622&authkey=!AEn7AkLRvBfqdOg&ithint=video%2Cmp4 Before I can even take control of it, it’s doing the moonwalk with the entire hunter team just unloading on him.

How about if I don’t take control of the bot, it doesn’t count. That way when it’s wraith for the nth time in a row and I’m once again forced to be Maggie, I can try to find a match that doesn’t suck without being forced to wait.


Waiting till game ends is a better idea.


How on earth is that a better idea? Even with the bullcrap penalty if I leave and find a new match (provided the game actually lets me connect) it takes maybe 5 minutes at most. If I wait it out it can easily take 10+ as well as being forced into a loss as well as being forced to be trapper again against the same wraith.


I mean, instead of waiting 1 mins penalty, waiting till game ends guarentees that you will play next game from the begining.


Joining matches in progress is way too common.
Just face it: it sucks. You don’t get to choose your character, you don’t get to choose perks, you have no clue what’s been going on or who the enemy is (including how good he is, playstyle and skills). More often than not when latejoining, I’m getting my 4th or 5th choice in preference as well.

Those are the matches that I will quit. If everything matchmaking does is negative for me, I don’t see a reason to play that match.

However, I don’t think removing the penalty is a good idea. Instead, matchmaking should be improved so less getting stuck with your 4th or 5th choice is happening. Latejoining could be removed all together IMO, I haven’t found a game able to do that properly (unless you count joining a server in a shooter as latejoining).
Sure it would suck being stuck with a bot if someone leaves, but that should be fixed by discouraging leaving more than is done right now. League of Legends is doing great and they don’t even get a bot if someone leaves.


Yes I feel you there , The game frustrating you is not nice and I hope this is fixed and when they patch it (for the quitting game once ) they take this into account.

But I belive not taking over control will not effect ur stats either but then again you gonna have to watch


I agree, if you join a match in progress, I don’t want a loss on my record. It’s too common… You have almost no chance to win if you join a pre-made match.


I always leave if I join as monster in progress because previously chosen skills are lost when evolving. Then get punished with rage timer. I wish they’d just take that stupid timer out. Plenty of legitimate reasons to leave a game.


I had forgotten about that, but that is a HUGE glitch. A stage 3 monster with stage 2 abilities is not fun.


This is actually one of the few backfill games I’ve played where there wasn’t a checkbox to disable filling inprogress matchmaking. I usually leave it on but it seems entirely reasonable to leave it as optional.


Really, 90%? I wish I could join games in progress but I always get into a lobby with 1 other person. play through the match and youll have a full lobby to start off with next game, youll probably get your role to unless 2 other people want it as well, then it trades off each game between you all.


I feel you. Literally every game I played today on PS4 I queued for monster and didn’t get the role. Instead, I had to assume control of a half-dead bot with at the very least 1 strike…and my team didn’t look any better. Strikes for everyone! For the love of Shear, if this is your definition of fun TRS, then I am not even remotely surprised why this game is lacking population.

Forcing people to join games in progress and punishing them for leaving is infuriating, to say the least. I don’t know about you but personally I value my time and I’d rather not waste it on lost games where I didn’t even get my desired role over and over again. You need to do something about it.


I feel like hunters should be randomized like the monster is. I’m sick of playing tier one characters when I join a game and that way I might join a game with the hunter I like or at least not just market, van, hank or Maggie.


Already is on pc. Once the big code patch hits a lot of the consol players world will change.


Ugh. Hank-bot. Barrages the Hunters for days.

When the auto T1 bot choice gets changed, I’ll be happeh.