Could we please reset the Leaderboards


So as many of you reading this know, the leader-boards are not accurate. This is not a huge issue. in fact there are many much larger issues that require developments time and attention, but that is for another post.

I am well aware that others have posted similar requests and I truly do not mean to spam. However currently there are people claiming that they are very good (250+ wins and no deaths) however their current ability does not reflect that. people got very high on the boards before they were reflective of how often people simply disconnected when they ran into a good opponent.

i think it would be a good idea to reset the leader-boards after every major patch to be more reflective of the current “powerhouses” of the game. The best in the world according to leader-boards may only be so because he/she played during a time that exploits were not punished.

In summary, can we please reset the leader-boards to better reflect the current game and player skill level


Can’t see it happening, however they are making Ranked play right now, so who knows?


They should atleast reset the global averages. They don’t even exist on pc. It’s still messed from the leaderboard shenanagins.


Well then… Um… * Mind Blown * Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?


It’s been pretty hush hush insofar but MacMan claimed it was in the works. Should be fun. :stuck_out_tongue:



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As much as I would love to delete my leaderboard status I don’t think that would really work or would just make a lot of people mad.

My WLR would be so much better. I have been skyrocketing lately on my WLRs. In the past month my Goliath has gone from .01 to .76 and I am averaging about 4/5 games now. The last two days have been killer on me though. Been running into some serious players.


The leader board is just basically time played, so who cares. A bad player with a 1.77 WLR will be ranked higher than a legit 15.53 WLR player if he has 19 wins versus 18 wins.