Could we have the accolades list categorized by characters?

its a huge pain scrolling down that huge list of accolides just to get to the character you want on the profile page, just categorize it by characters and general for example.

this seems very easy to do and would help people who are doing accolides a ton as they dont have to waste like 2 minutes looking for that small accolide they wanna achieve,it would be a very nice quality of life thing to have.


Yes, as it is now, the accolades tab is just awfull to use. They probably did this because they really lack of time, but this isn’t working at all :confused:
I hope we will have a proper categorization like the legacy objectives in the future… It’s not high priority but anything could be better than this. If only character-specific accolades were just added directly to the charcter tab with winrate and time played.

I’d love to see, when the ui team have time, something a bit more akin to a progress line for each, ideally with a means of seeing what you already achieved

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mom, plz !

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Yeah, that’s nice idea! I hope Devs are on the way to make it “alive” :slight_smile:

Bit of a laz on this thread but it’s good it’s back up.
I’d like to see accolades either, shuffled to be in order per character, or placed within that characters stats

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