Could we get better rank stats?


Like not just games won but also total games. Accuracy is one I would really like to see as well. Maybe most favored characters and weapons. Perhaps some game averages for each person, like their average damage or class ability uses?

Also base rank off just more than the number of wins. Wins are important but they are not everything. I could play a thousand games and bring myself to number one on the leaderboard for Val and still lose over 3/4 of them. Does that make me a good Val? No, it does not. It just means I have too much time to play this game. There was one guy who was bragging about being number 64 in wraith and we demolished him five games in a row. For instance Val again. She is my favorite medic. For the longest time I had just a few wins and terrible win loss ratio like a .01 or something. In the past week with practice I have pulled that W/L ratio up to .81 a far cry from the .01 it was sadly sitting at for so long. I am in the top 400 or so players now but I am climbing the ranks with wins much higher than anybody else for her at the moment it seems so shouldn’t this be calculated by more than just wins?